Ric Flair Says Jeff Hardy Did The Right Thing By Refusing Rehab

Ric Flair Hall Of Fame
Credit: WWE

Ric Flair has said that he “couldn’t agree more” with Jeff Hardy’s decision to turn down WWE’s offer of rehab.

The whirlwind surrounding Jeff Hardy began on December 5th when it was reported by PWInsider that he had been sent home following an appearance at a live event the night before.

Jeff Hardy headlined the Saturday night event in Edinburg, Texas, teaming up with King Woods and Drew McIntyre in a six-man tag team bout against The Bloodline. Hardy was claimed to have taken the brunt of the assault from Roman Reigns and The Usos in that fight, but once he tagged his teammates in, Hardy disappeared into the crowd and did not reappear after the contest.

After the incident Matt Hardy had said that his brother Jeff was “fine.” Despite this, only days after being sent home, Jeff Hardy has been released by WWE. In addition it was reported that the company offered Hardy “help and rehab” but he declined.

Following the news that Hardy had been released it was later reported that the star had been acting erratically at the aforementioned live event in Edinburg, Texas. Furthermore, it was noted that it was pretty clear that it was a “dangerous situation.”

Speaking on his Wooooo Nation Uncensored podcast, Ric Flair has now suggested that Hardy did the right thing by turning down WWE’s offer of rehab.

“Well, you know what, I could not agree more. I love Jeff, I love his wife Beth. Above all they have a great relationship. I have talked to them both. And I think without saying something Jeff just said to them ‘hey, I have been there, done that.’”

“The majority of these people, these counsellors and facilities, they are former addicts themselves. So when they are talking to you, trying to make you understand what your issues are, they are recovering themselves. Does that make sense?”

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