Retro Review: WWF In Your House 6, Rage In The Cage

WWF In Your House 6

We start with Sunny beachside telling us viewer discretion is advised. We then get a video package with the classic 90s video voice over guy which I love. Is this guy still around? Can he do video packages now?

Crybaby Match: Razor Ramon vs 1-2-3 Kid

The Kid cost Razor the title at the Rumble. Then the Kid attacked Razor with a stroller and baby bottle in a match against Jeff Jarrett. At least there is a reason for the stipulation to be used. Kid is now part of the Million Dollar Corporation, one of the worst stables in wrestling history.

Kid brings a stuffed animal into the ring. He throws it at Razor but Razor retaliates with some slaps then a hard clothesline to the outside. DiBiase distracts Razor allowing Kid to hit a springboard clothesline back in the ring.

Razor grabs Kid and tosses him into the corner with some chops. He goes for a Razor’s Edge but Kid escapes to the outside. DiBiase gives Kid some baby powder, and Kid tosses it in Razor’s eyes in full view of the ref. How is that not a DQ? Was Tim White not suppose to be there? Kid then hits an awkward looking frog splash off the top for two.

We get an extend sleeper from Kid that slows down the match. Razor finally gets out of it by dropping Kid on the ropes. Razor hits a throwaway slam off the second rope. DiBiase puts some baby powder on the apron and Kid grabs it. DiBiase distracts the ref but Razor kicks it into Kid’s face. Razor hits the Razor’s Edge but pulls Kid up. Razor hits a second one for the win.

After the match Razor puts a diaper on Kid and some baby powder all over his face. Kid does a good job of selling and starts crying in the ring. He also doesn’t realize he’s in the diaper at first. Fun for what it was.

Hunter Hearst Helmsley vs Duke “The Dumpster” Droese

Hunter cut poor Duke’s hair in the buildup to this feud. That has Duke pretty pissed. Is the highlight of Duke’s career? It might be. Duke is dominating this match. Lawler has Hunter’s girl he came to the ring with at ringside. Do you think she honestly what the hell is going on?

Hunter finally gets some offense and clotheslines Duke to the outside then throws him into the steps. Hunter now gets control of the match as they go back into the ring. This guy doesn’t look like someone that would be a main eventer in 3 years. Lawler makes a joke about the average age of garbagemen being 40 because they take them right out of high school. I mean, I think he is partially right.

Duke catches Hunter with a Spinebuster and says it is time to take out the trash. I’m hoping he means lets end this match. Duke hits the Trash Compactor then goes and throws his garbage can into the ring. The ref tosses the can out, but the lid remains. And Hunter uses it to nail Duke and pick up the win.

We get an ad for WWF shop, with the most 90s shirts you will ever see. T-shirts and sweatshirts you would never dare wear in public now.

Yokozuna vs The British Bulldog

Yoko just turned face after going after Jim Cornette for berating him for a loss on RAW. Dok Hendrix gives us Yoko’s first interview. Yoko said he delivered the gold, but Cornette got all the credit and money. I don’t think that is true. Yoko is up to 650 now, which is just unhealthy. We are a couple months away from him leaving to lose some weight.

Yoko quickly throws Bulldog into the corner and splashes him. Yoko goes for an early Bonzai Drop but Cornette pulls Bulldog out of the ring. Yoko grabs Bulldog and throws him into the post, but Bulldog moves when Yoko charges him.

Back in the ring, Bulldog kind of stumbles off the top and hits an axe handle sending Yoko to the ground. Yoko catches Bulldog on another attempt. Bulldog still can’t clothesline Yoko down and Yoko then takes Bulldog down with a Samoan Drop. Yoko hits a belly to belly. Cornette comes in and hits Yoko with the tennis racket but it doesn’t phase Yoko. It does causes a DQ though.

Yoko backs Cornette into the corner. But Vader comes out in full gear and leather jacket to attack Yoko. Vader and Bulldog handcuff Yoko to the ropes and beat him down. Officials come out to try and break it up but the beat down continues. Vader actually had an injured shoulder that he made worse during all of this.

Owen Hart vs Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels is putting his Wrestlemania title shot on the line. Shawn Michaels is dancing on the roof of the In Your House set, which just seems kind of weird as he swings down off a rope and has a pretty far drop to the ground. HBK hits the ring and clotheslines Owen over the top then finishes his entrance.

Once the match starts, Owen sends HBK to the outside but HBK lands on his feet then high fives everyone on the outside to annoy Owen. Owen slides under HBK to go to the outside and looks for high fives as well, but instead no one high fives him and HBK hits a crossbody off the top onto Owen.

Cornette complains about Owen getting his hair grabbed by HBK in a headlock. So when Cornette is on the apron, HBK grabs Owen’s hair some more. Owen finally grabs the upper hand taking HBK to the mat. Owen applies a Camel Clutch that HBK eventually gets out of, but then goes right back to a sleeper hold. HBK gets out of this one but Owen catches HBK with a spinning heel kick.

They go to the apron. HBK suplexes Owen to the outside, with Owen landing on his feet. HBK goes for a crossbody but Owen bodyslams him on the mat. HBK takes the Flair bump in the corner then Owen charges at him with a hard clothesline. Owen applies a Sharpshooter but HBK gets to the ropes.

Owen catches HBK with an enziguri kick to the back of the head. Of course, this is only a couple months after HBK’s “post concussion syndrome” angle on RAW. Owen goes to the outside to bring HBK back in to cover him, when he should have just let him get counted out on the outside.

HBK moves out of the charge of Owen in the corner and hits a flying forearm to start his comeback. HBK hits an elbow drop off the top then knocks Cornette off the apron. Owen goes for another enziguri but HBK ducks it. HBK hits Sweet Chin Music for the win. HBK then brings a young fan into the ring to celebrate his win as Vince McMahon pushes the New Generation hard on commentary.

Acting WWF Roddy Piper is interviewed but really doesn’t say a lot. This is just to kill time as the steel cage is setup. He does make Yokozuna vs Vader for Wrestlemania. Cornette and Clarence Mason come storming out. Cornette goes on a rant about Vader going to tear down the WWF. This match never ends up happening and is made a six man tag.

Steel Cage Match for the WWF Championship: Bret Hart (c) vs Diesel

I miss the old school blue cage. Can we bring it back please? Or even the old school black cage they used at St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Diesel catches Bret with a knee to the gut to start. He backs Bret into the corner and lands some blows. Diesel can actually just lean back in the corner and hold onto the cage. Diesel throws Bret into the corner and Bret takes his traditional hard bump into it.

Bret blocks an attempt from Diesel to throw him into the cage. Bret throws Diesel into the cage a couple of times. Bret tries escaping but Diesel grabs him and rams him back first into the cage. Diesel tries walking out the door, because Kevin Nash ain’t climbing, but Bret crotches him on the ropes.

Both men try diving out the door but are stopped. Bret keeps working over the legs of Diesel. Diesel is able to catch Bret with a right hand and hit a sidewalk slam. Diesel tries escaping but Bret grabs him and goes back to working over the legs. Both men continue to exchange escape attempts but the crowd is pretty flat for it. They know it is early as Bret keeps working over the legs of Diesel.

Diesel once again throws Bret sternum first into the corner. Classic Bret bump. More escape attempts. Bret gets over the top of the cage but Diesel pulls him back in. Diesel tosses Bret around into the corner and cage. Diesel tries to launch Bret into the corner but Bret escapes. Bret goes for the Sharpshooter but Diesel pokes Bret in the eye, causing a Diesel chant. First one of the match.

Bret gets low blowed as Vince says it is no DQ. Well yeah Vince, it is a cage match. Diesel tries crawling through the door, but Undertaker comes up from the ring and pulls Diesel down under the ring with him. Bret climbs over the cage and escapes for the win. Diesel costs Undertaker his shot at the WWF title last month.

Years later in a shoot interview, Nash said he had the idea to reappear from the ring with a gray beard and hair. I think that would have been great. It’s a logical setup for the match between these two at Wrestlemania. Each man cost the other their shot at the WWF Championship.

The match is one match show with HBK vs Owen, and even that match is just above average. This is probably the weakest of the 4 Bret/Diesel matches. Below average show when it boils down to it.