Retro Review: WWE Money in the Bank 2010

Kane vs Rey Mysterio - Money In The Bank
Credit: WWE

Smackdown Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Christian vs Cody Rhodes vs Matt Hardy vs Drew McIntyre vs Kane vs Big Show

Lets take a look at the tally here when it comes to what these guys are doing in 2021: 3 active WWE wrestlers, 3 active AEW wrestlers, 1 AEW commentator and 1 mayor. Would Kane have been the one out of this group you thought would me mayor 11 years later? Probably not. I would have put my money on Big Show.

Kane and Big Show clear the ring early and we get these two going at it for what was probably like 178th time in 2010. Big Show dumps Kane and tries climbing the ladder but the rungs break on it when he does, so he says screw it and tosses it outside onto Kane instead. Big Show goes to the outside but everyone gangs up on him to take him out.

Matt Hardy and Christian seem to be the crowd favorites here. I think that sounds about right in 2010. Christian would have the best run of his WWE career the next year. They exchange trying to get up the ladder. And here we are 11 years later as they fight on AEW Dynamite.

Ziggler and Christian climb the ladder as they exchange blows. Christian knocks Ziggler off then Hardy pushes the ladder over. It almost looked like Christian was meant to go to the outside but bails because it looks like Big Show was slow getting up. Just a hunch. And sure enough, a few minutes later as Christian climbs the ladder Cody knocks him off and Big Show is there to at least stop his momentum as he goes to the outside.

Now it is Cody and Matt Hardy exchanging blows at the top of the ladder until McIntyre knocks them off. McIntyre starts climbing and gets booed. I kind of think he might experience the same thing if he is climbing the ladder this Sunday.

Kane takes McIntyre out and clears the announce tables. They had just done the storyline where someone attacked Undertaker over the Memorial Day weekend and Kane is trying to find who it was. Was Kane going over to Taker’s house for a BBQ? Imagine in character deadman Undertaker having a Memorial Day get together.

A handful of guys take out Kane as McIntyre is on the table. Kofi climbs a ladder then hits a Boom Drop off the ladder on to Drew. The awful Matt Striker on commentary has to hype it up as a MONEY IN THE BANK MOMENT. I truly forgot how awful he was.

Ziggler is alone in the ring climbing the ladder. Big Show comes in and knocks him off and Ziggler lands right in Big Show’s grasp and eats a chokeslam. It’s Big Show’s turn to clear the ring now. He pushes Christian and Matt Hardy down with a ladder on them and splashes down onto them. Big Show goes and gets the REINFORCED LADDER that can hold him. Show takes FOREVER to set up the ladder. Cody takes out Show’s legs with another ladder so Big Show doesn’t even climb it.

There is way too long of a reset spot that kills the crowd a bit. Show slaps Ziggler off the ladder. Kofi springboards off the ropes onto the ladder then DDT’s Big Show. Kofi climbs but Cody dropkicks him off. Cody then hits a Cross Rhodes on Kofi onto a ladder. Big Show comes back and tries climbing the ladder but Kane knocks him off. Everyone then buries Big Show under a bunch of ladders.

Everyone tries climbing the ladder but Kane pulls them off and chokeslams them. Ziggler tries climbing over Kane and applies a sleeper but Kane yanks him off and then throws him onto the ladders on the outside. Kofi and Cody pull Kane out. Kane chokeslams Kofi onto a ladder then throws Cody into the armored truck on the set.

Back in the ring Matt Hardy and Christian powerbomb Kane off the ladder. Both men climb the ladder and fight at the top. They pretty much knock each other off. McIntyre comes in and tries to climb it but Kane chokeslams him off. Kane grabs it and we get a pop for his win. I remember hating the winner at the time. Wasn’t thrilled with it at all. Match wasn’t that great either.

Sheamus is interviewed. He talks about wanting respect from Cena tonight after he beats him.

Divas Championship: Alicia Fox (c) vs Eve Torres

I wonder if this will top the Alicia Fox/Melina classics we have seen before. I always liked Eve. I thought she tried hard when in the ring and she really grew into her heel character a couple years later. Of course the problem is that the WWE at this time did not care one bit about the women’s division.

Alicia takes control of the match early. Eve starts her comeback. She goes for a Swanton off the second rope but Alicia Fox gets her knees up then hits an axe kick to the back for the win.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith (c) w/Natalya vs The Usos w/Tamina

First off I can’t believe the Usos have been in the WWE for 11 years. That is nuts to think about. And look, current women’s tag team Champs on opposite sides of the ring. Is it bad to say Natalya looks like a completely different person? I guess enough plastic surgery will do that to you.

It’s funny how green the Usos look in this match. They have grown into some of the best performers in the WWE at the moment. They also look not in the best of shape as well. The Usos focus their attack on Smith, who also just showed up in the WWE this past week. Tamina jumps on the apron to stop the faces comeback. Natalya bodyslams her. Kidd takes out an Uso on the outside then Smith applies a pretty bad Sharpshooter in the ring to get the win. Passable but nothing to write home about.

World Heavyweight Championship: Rey Mysterio (c) vs Jack Swagger

The story going into the match is that Rey’s ankle is in bad shape thanks to multiple attacks from Swagger in the weeks ahead. Swagger lost the World title to Rey at the last PPV and is now super serious and hell bent on getting his World title back. Rey’s outfit looks like he found Demolition’s old vests in storage and made pants out of them.

Swagger continuously tries to get after the ankle. Rey continues to escape until he goes for a springboard and Swagger catches him and runs him into the corner. But Swagger ends up missing a charge and Rey hits a seated senton to the outside. Rey climbs to the top but Swagger meets him there and hits an over head belly-to-belly sending Rey off the top.

Swagger goes back to the ankle. Rey fights out and hits another seated senton then a split legged moonsault off the stop for two. Swagger stops Rey in his tracks by planting Rey face first on the mat. He hits a nice gut wrench powerbomb for two. Swagger gets Rey over his shoulders on the second rope but Rey counters into a DDT for two. Nice spot.

Rey hits a 619 then goes for the senton but Swagger blocks it and applies an ankle lock. Rey gets to the ropes but Swagger comes right back with a Swagger bomb for two. Rey unzips his boot. Swagger goes to grab it but it comes off and he goes into the ropes. Rey then head scissors Swagger and gets him over for a pin for the win to retain the title. That was a good match and one of Swagger’s better WWE performances and Rey sold the ankle the whole match.

Rey attacks Swagger after the match and applies the ankle lock. Kane comes out and attacks Swagger after the match because Kane believes Swagger attacked his brother the Undertaker. They fight to the back, then Kane’s pyro goes off and music plays. Out he comes to cash in his MITB contract. Kane hits a chokeslam and tombstone to win the World title.

WWE Women’s Championship: Layla (c) w/Michelle McCool vs Kelly Kelly w/Tiffany

Laycool was very entertaining. An early version of the IIconics. Kelly completely wiffs on a kick early on in the match. Kelly walks on the apron but Layla pulls the ring skirt out and Kelly’s leg gets trapped in it. Kelly then gets thrown into the barricade.

Kelly gets a comeback going in the ring. She goes for a pin and Michelle is meant to put Layla’s foot on the ropes but screws up. Michelle gets taken out on the outside but Layla pins Kelly in the ring for the win. YUCK.

RAW Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Randy Orton vs The Miz vs Mark Henry vs Ted DiBiase Jr. vs John Morrison vs Chris Jericho vs Evan Bourne vs Edge

The breakdown for this match: 4 WWE wrestlers, 2 AEW Wrestlers, 1 AEW Commentator/Mentor/Ambassador, 1 guy completely out of the wrestling business. Orton was on one of those everyone loves him streaks during this time frame. Morrison was on the rise in popularity as well.

Similar to the first MITB match everyone gets cleared out early on. Bourne climbs the ladder but Edge pulls him down but Bourne hits a perfect head scissors. Orton comes in though and hits a DDT. This was right after Orton hit Bourne with the mid air RKO. Orton, Jericho, Edge and Morrison all climb ladders but Mark Henry pushes both of them over. Bourne comes in and takes out Henry.

Maryse, who is the valet of DiBiase at the time, comes into the ring and decides to start climbing the ladder. Morrison pulls her off the ladder and tells her to leave. While he does, DiBiase climbs the ladder until Morrison turns around and pulls him off. Morrison gets placed in between the ladder by Miz and Edge and they slam a ladder into him, then Edge slams the ladder into Miz’s face. Edge then pushes the ladder over with Morrison in between it.

DiBiase takes out Edge and climbs the ladder, but then Henry pulls him off and catches him with a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry takes everyone out and climbs the ladder. Bourne jumps on his back and climbs over Henry. Edge and Orton pull Bourne off, then toss him to the outside and he lands right in the arms of Henry and hits the World’s Strongest Slam on Bourne. Everyone then hits their finisher on Henry on the outside.

Now there are five people climbing the ladder. DiBiase sets up another ladder as a bridge. Orton and Edge pull him down onto it then toss the ladder over sending DiBiase to the outside. Orton then hits a RKO on Edge then pulls Morrison off and RKOs him. But Bourne hits Air Bourne on Orton as he lands, making up from the RKO of the previous Monday.

Bourne climbs the ladder and should have grabbed the briefcase. Looks like it took Jericho too long to pull himself up the ladder. Jericho slams the briefcase into Bourne’s face. Jericho and Edge exchange blows on the ladder. Orton pulls Jericho off and hits a RKO, then pulls off Edge and tosses him into an upside down ladder set up to the side. Orton climbs the ladder and the crowd gets excited, but Miz knocks him off then climbs the ladder to grab the briefcase and win. Better match than the opener. As far as this match went, I was fine with the Miz winning. He seemed to be hitting his early stride at this point as a character.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship: Sheamus (c) vs John Cena

We get a recap of the build up to this match, including Cena and Sheamus teaming up with chairs to take out the Nexus. Having the Nexus running scared from these guys this early in the angle sucked. Sheamus beat Cena for the title in a surprise win at the end of last year. He won it back at the last PPV but still was never being bought in as Champ.

The problem with this match is that everyone is expecting the Nexus to get involved at some point, so the fans aren’t really into the early part of the match. Sheamus ducks a Cena shoulder tackle and Cena flies right into the ropes. Sheamus climbs up the cage but Cena stops him and hits a superplex off the top for two.

Sheamus regains the upper hand with a couple of double axe handles. Sheamus locks in a sleeper to slow Cena down. Cena tries powering out of it by climbing the ropes but instead just releases the hold. Cena starts his COMEBACK OF DOOM. Sheamus moves out of the way of the Five Knuckle Shuffle then tries climbing the cage. Cena stops him then goes for it off the top rope but misses.

Sheamus ties Cena up in the ropes. After some punches Sheamus climbs over Cena but Cena unties himself. Cena bulldogs Sheamus off the ropes. Sheamus fights more of Cena’s offense off and hits a Brogue Kick but only gets two. Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick but Cena hits an AA and gets two.

Out come the Nexus from the back like it is nothing, when they should be coming from the crowd. Michael Tarver has bolt cutters, but a ref comes out and just yanks them away, making Tarver look like an idiot. The ref at the door then tosses the key into the crowd. Arguing with the refs makes these guys look awful.

The in ring official gets accidentally knocked out. Cena applies the STF and Sheamus taps but there is no ref. Cena tries escaping but Justin Gabriel meets him at the top, Cena tosses him off into the ring. Sheamus goes down the other side and fights off Heath Slater to get down as Cena continues to fight off the rest of Nexus. Cena beats the crap out of the rest of Nexus near him for good measure.

I pretty much considered this the official start of the burial of the Nexus. SummerSlam put the final nail in the coffin but here the Nexus looked like complete buffoons from start to finish.

Overall, I would say the show is okay. Swagger/Mysterio was better than I remembered. Both MITB matches would fall on the lower scale of the MITB match totem pole. Everything else was just kind of meh and could be forgotten.