Retro Review: WWE In Your House – Beware of Dog

WWE In Your House 8: Beware Of Dog

Obviously this show is famous for the power outage that took place at the time. So we get some of night one on here and some of night two on here.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash are gone and Hall is ready to make his debut on Nitro the next night. The WWF is left to build around their star performer, Shawn Michaels, and hope things work out from there. This is the first PPV of the post-Hall-and-Nash era.

Hunter Heart Helmsley vs Marc Mero w/Sable

The woman on Hunter’s arm has some haircut. It isn’t even a 90s haircut. It looks more like a 70s haircut. Either way it is not good. I’ll continue to make the point that Mero was underrated in the WWF. Guy showed his charisma in WCW and then the WWF gave up on him for some reason.

The two start fighting right away in the ring before Mero even takes his vest off. Mero dumps Hunter then hits a dive over the top rope. Hunter pokes Mero in the eye to gain control and tosses Mero into the ring post twice. Hunter lands shot in the corner for over five seconds and Vince calls out the ref for the poor officiating in classic Vince fashion.

The woman Hunter brought to ringside is next to Lawler and they show her on camera. She looks like she has no idea what is going on and is terrified to be there. Probably terrified to be next to Lawler too. This is all while Hunter is in control and he slams the arm of Mero into the post. Hunter continues to work over the arm of Mero as someone screams bloody murder as Hunter hits a knee drop on the arm. The crowd meanwhile is deeeadddddddd.

Lawler is going after Sable and says the TV lights hide her from looking like Mr. Ed. He’d change that tune in a year. Mero brings the crowd alive with a quick near fall but Hunter takes him right back out with a clothesline. Lawler drops a reference from the movie The Fugitive, by saying someone better call Richard Kimble as we have found the one armed man. Ok he won me back with that.

I complain about this a good amount in these reviews. The heel working over the face as long as this kills the crowd too much. We are closing in on ten minutes until Mero crotches Hunter on the top rope. Mero hits a super hurricarrana off the top then a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Mero is still selling the arm in this comeback which wins points for me.

Mero goes to the outside and goes for a swanton but Hunter moves and Mero awkwardly lands on his left knee. He does another good sell job of his knee though. Hunter tells Sable to watch as he goes for the Pedigree but Hunter throws Mero away then goes outside to trash talk to Sable. Mero catapults Hunter into the post then gets the win. Weird ending. Too much heat on Mero that killed the crowd.

WWF Championship: Shawn Michaels (c) vs The British Bulldog w/Diana Hart Smith and Owen Hart

So remember, this is from the original show. The power went out after the Mero/Hunter match and came back on just in time for the main event. So we get Beware of Dog 2 after this with the three missing matches. Jim Cornette says he has a bombshell he is going to drop on HBK later tonight. Clarence Mason comes out and serves Michaels a subopena for “attempted alienation of affection.” I don’t even know what that means. Shawn rips it up as Bulldog attacks from behind and we are underway.

Michaels comes back with some arm drags and then sends Bulldog to the outside and slingshots over the top onto Bulldog. Shawn slows the match down with a headlock. I wonder if Bulldog is saying “Mr. Heartbreak Kid, I’m fooked.” Michaels slides under Bulldog and hits an enziguri kick for two. Michaels now slows it down and works over the arm of Bulldog. That woman screaming bloody murder earlier is now screaming something for Shawn.

Bulldog gets out of the armbar. Michaels ducks one clothesline but can’t duck another then takes a high back body drop. Michaels escapes a chinlock but Bulldog applies a back submission. Bulldog hits a Samoan Drop as Bulldog tries getting out of it. Bulldog slows it down again and applies a headlock. Michaels powers out and we get an awkward spot where I think Bulldog was supposed to lift his knee higher than he did and send Michaels to the outside but he didn’t get it high enough.

Back in the ring we get a double shoulder tackle as both men are down. Both men get back up as Michaels hits a flying forearm. Michaels ducks Bulldog off the ropes and Bulldog runs into Earl Hebner who gets sent to the outside. Michaels tunes up the band but Owen comes in and eats it instead. Bulldog goes for the running powerslam but HBK escapes. Michaels hits a German suplex and a second ref counts three, then raises Bulldog’s hand. Bulldog’s music plays but then Earl comes in and raises Michaels hand.

Both ref’s argue as Diana raises the title in the aisle. Gorilla Monsoon comes out and talks to both refs and declares it a draw. This would all be so we could have a rematch at King of the Ring. That match would be much better than this one. It was a weird Michaels dud at the time. But Michaels looked off his game from the opening bell.

Caribbean Strap Match: Stone Cold Steve Austin w/Ted DiBiase vs Savio Vega

We go from Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler to Jim Ross and Mr. Perfect on commentary. They showed a clip of Vega winning the night before. Of course, on RAW, DiBiase added the stip that if Austin loses he will leave. That is because DiBiase had just agreed to terms with WCW, so he was on his way out.

Both men use the strap early on. Austin goes to the outside and Vega pulls him into the side of the ring ribs first. Back in the ring Vega goes to town on Austin with the strap. Ouch. Vega goes to touch the post but Austin breaks it up and whips Vega with the strap now. They go to the outside and exchange more slaps and shots with the strap. Austin then drops Vega on the railing and chokes him with it.

Austin hits two corners but Savio breaks it up. Austin tosses Savio to the outside and falls over the ropes a few seconds later to sell the strap. Savio blocks a suplex on the outside and hits one of his own. Savio hits three corners but Austin trips the leg of Savio going to the fourth. They fight their way to the top and Savio hits a suplex. Savio once again hits three turnbuckles but runs into Austin who grabs him and drops him going for the fourth.

Austin drops Savio on the ropes then runs and drops his weight on him. Savio breaks up the corner count at two. They exchange tombstone attempts until Austin sends Savio to the outside. Austin goes to the top but Savio pulls him off and Austin goes into the railing. Austin comes back and sends Savio into the steps.

Back in the ring Savio hits three turnbuckles and fights Austin off but Austin pulls him away on the fourth. Austin applies the Million Dollar Dream but Savio gets out of it. Austin starts hitting turnbuckles but so does Savio behind him. They both get to three as Austin and Savio struggle for control going to the fourth. Austin pulls Savio and Savio goes right into the turnbuckle to get the win.

Austin is done with DiBiase and leaves right after the match. They sing goodbye to DiBiase as Savio leads the charge. Good match. May have went a tad too long for my liking but much better than any of the previous two matches. Yeah you heard that right, Savio Vega once had a better match on PPV than Shawn Michaels.

Vader w/Jim Cornette vs Yokozuna

Yoko is scary big here. We can only hope this match doesn’t go as long as Austin/Savio. Though Yoko walks rather briskly to the ring. You know why? Because he is pissed at Vader for hurting his leg 7 weeks ago. He means business. That is such a simple positive to add to wrestling. If there is a reason for the face to hold a deep grudge don’t do your whole damn entrance and get to the ring.

They tease getting down to a three point stance but Vader keeps bailing. Once they finally go Yoko knocks Vader to the outside. Vader gets back in the ring but Yoko drops him and elbow drops Vader’s own leg. Vader baits in Yoko getting into the ring and lands shots but Yoko takes him down again and elbow drops his leg.

Vader is able to get himself out of the corner and land more shots. Vader can’t hit a bodyslam so Yoko hits his side slam then a Samoan Drop. Yoko lines up for the Bonzai Drop but Cornette gets on the apron. Yoko pulls him in then crushes his hand shaking it and headbutts Cornette. Yoko goes to Bonzai Drop him but Vader moves him and drops some elbows on his bad leg. Vader then hits the Vader Bomb for the win. On the first show, Yoko got the win. Not bad for what it was. They knew Yoko’s limitations and worked within them.

Casket Match for the Intercontinental Championship: Goldust (c) w/Marlena vs The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer

Undertaker going for the IC title seems weird doesn’t it? Mr. Perfect says no one has ever beaten Undertaker in a casket match, which is not true. They show a clip from RAW, with Goldust giving Ahmed Johnson mouth to mouth. JR calls it hideous and disgusting. The lights go out and Undertaker is behind Goldust to start the match.

Taker knocks Goldust around to start the match. He throws Goldust on top of the gold casket. Goldust tries to recover but Taker slams him into the steps. It continues to be all Taker back in the ring as hits Old School. Goldust gets an elbow in and then a bodyslam. Taker gets up. Goldust goes for his sliding uppercut and I think Taker gets up too soon and Goldust misses it when I think he meant to hit it. Goldust hits his own Tombstone that looks very sloppy.

Goldust puts Taker in the casket but Taker gets out. Both men exchange blows back in the ring until Goldust slows it down with a sleeper. Goldust rolls Taker into the casket but Taker gets his arm out. Goldust gets on top of the casket but Taker pushes it open and sends Goldust flying.

Taker hits his flying clothesline then a clothesline sending Goldust to the outside. Taker grabs a chair but Goldust boots him. Goldust follows it up with a powerslam and a top rope clothesline. Goldust goes for his own old school but Taker pulls him off. Taker hits the Tombstone and goes to open the casket, but when he does, Mankind comes out of it and applies the Mandible Claw. Mankind puts him in the casket and closes it for the win, even though the top of the casket is clearly broken off its hinges.

Smoke comes out of the casket after Mankind “sealed it shut” even though the door is broken. Well, I guess it isn’t sealed as Paul Bearer opens the casket and Taker is gone. The lights go out as we close the show. On the first night, it took six guys to help Goldust win. I like this ending better as it progresses the Mankind/Taker story.

Overall, this isn’t a bad show even with the subpar Shawn Michaels match. Worth a watch if you are bored!