Retro Review: WCW Clash of the Champions 31

Clash Of Champions

This event took place in Daytona Beach, Florida on August 4th 1995 and we are towards the end of the Clash era, with only four more over the next two years after this one. It’s also the advent of the Nitro era, a month before the first one aired from the Mall of America.

Meng and Kurasawa w/Col Rob Parker vs Sting and Road Warrior Hawk

Michael Buffer starts the night off with a lie, calling Col. Rob Parker a world famous manager. His second lie says that Meng was found working as a bodyguard. He looks an awful lot like Haku from the WWF though. I don’t know, maybe I am going crazy.

Everything is made right though as the faces come out to “Man Called Sting.” How can that song not brighten ones day? The match takes forever to get going as Nick Patrick struggles to get control. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that has followed my writings and podcasts recently.

It is always weird seeing only one Road Warrior and not seeing them together. Animal’s back was messed up at the time so he could not compete. It is also weird to see Hawk doing as much selling as he is right now. Though after a brief skirmish outside Hawk regains control in the ring.

Sting finally gets into the action and hits a clothesline off the top onto Meng. But he isn’t the legal man. Nick Patrick just lost control again. He’s not even attempting to get control as Bobby Heenan tells Nick Patrick to do his job. There’s a reason Heenan is always right.

I mean seriously, Patrick is just sitting in the corner at this point. Meng gets sent to the outside and Hawk attempts to hit a Hart Attack off the top. He pretty much falls off the ropes and barely hits it to get the win. I don’t think Sting was ever legal in the match at any point.

After the match, Kurasawa hits a cross armbreaker on Hawk. This was done to write Hawk off TV who was dealing with an actual arm injury at the time.

Apparently there was a match between Hulk Hogan and Kamala earlier in the night that lead to a brawl between Hogan, Sting, Randy Savage and the rest of the Dungeon of Doom. Also known as tradition in WCW at this time.

Diamond Dallas Page w/The Diamond Doll vs Alex Wright

Heenan calls DDP the “million dollar man 13 times over.” DDP just got $13 million but no one knows exactly from where. They cut to a shot of an old lady in the crowd and Heenan comments “look, Gene brought his girlfriend” which got a chuckle out of me.

Terrible news folks, Alex Wright does not have his theme yet so we do not get any dancing. Heenan says if he had $13 million he would buy WCW. Wait five years Bobby and you can get it for 25% of that. Wright hits a dive to the outside that was considered high risk in 1995.

Wright then hits a nice jump off the top and lands on his feet, then hits DDP with a nice dropkick. Alex Wright always had a nice dropkick. If this Alex Wright came into wrestling today he would probably get a pretty good push.

Putting Hogan out before the show was a dumb move. This crowd is dead for everything. We finally get a slight pop as Wright moves out of the way of a charge and DDP goes into the post. Wright hits some good offense and a great missile dropkick off the top for two. Wright mounts DDP in the corner but DDP drops Wright on the corner turnbuckle.

This referee’s counting motion is awful as Wright hits a German suplex but he counts one, two, then winds up his arm really long and then goes down for three but DDP kicks out. Wright goes for another dive to the outside but DDP moves and Wright hits the mat. DDP rolls him in and gets the pin for the win. Wright looked good in the match.

WCW TV Championship: Renegade (c) w/Jimmy Hart vs “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Oh god, not Renegade. For those that don’t know, Renegade was a complete Ultimate Warrior rip off. Hogan promised an “ultimate surprise” before Uncensored. People thought it would be Ultimate Warrior, to get them to buy the PPV, but we got Renegade. And folks, he sucked. Imagine being a worse wrestler than the real Ultimate Warrior.

Tony Schiavone calls Nick Patrick one of the best and most respected officials in our sport. I thought Schiavone was better than that. Orndorff attacks Renegade before the bell and gets control early. Smart to have Renegade selling because his offense sucks.

Orndorff beats down Renegade in the ropes and Nick Patrick pulls him off. Orndorff argues with him, as Renegade catapults himself into the ring and gets the pin. We get fireworks too. Renegade was so bad they could really only trust him to do two moves.

Bunkhouse Buck, Dirty Dick Slater and Col. Rob Parker vs Harlem Heat and Sister Sherri

Buck and Slater are the tag team champions. If Harlem Heat wins, they get another shot at the tag team titles. Sherri keeps trying to find her way into the ring. Stevie Ray finally brings Slater over to his corner so Sherri can get a shot in.

We get an ad to call or send in a letter to win a Harley and a trip to the Halloween Havoc. You know they can say the number is no longer active and cover it up, but the sound is still on so we can call the number if you want. I only do that on the 3 Beers Deep Wrestling Podcast though.

Buck and Slater were not a good tag team. They move around so slow in the ring. Col. Parker finally gets the tag in but gets a kick to the mid section. Booker and Stevie hit a double suplex then tag in Sherri. The crowd comes alive as Sherri hits a crossbody off the top. Sherri hits a couple of elbows but goes to the top and misses a splash.

Sherri takes forever to get up. Parker finally pulls her up and jumps into his arms. Sherri starts kissing him and falls down on Parker, getting a 3 count in the process. Sherri chases Parker down and rips his shirt off, then chokes him, then kisses him. Now I remember. I think Sherri had a concussion or something where she falls in love with him. This leads to some fun TV, with a wedding in Las Vegas as well if I am not mistaken.

Macho Man comes out to meet a kid who is an ambassador for MDA. The kid looks terrified to be out there. We get a Macho Man video package right after this.

The Master and The Taskmaster are in the Dungeon of Doom, waiting for Hulk Hogan. Here comes Hogan in these ridiculous red and yellow pants. Hogan demands Taskmaster bring his giant to him. Well, out comes The Giant. He rips off Hogan’s necklace just like Andre did back in the day.

The Dungeon of Doom beat down Hogan until Savage, Sting and Vader make the save. Remember Vader had just turned face and joined up with Hogan. But Vader is gone in a few weeks after a backstage fight with Paul Orndorff.

Ric Flair and Arn Anderson vs Vader

I know people remember Vader’s WWF theme, but I really like his WCW theme too. Plus he comes out in that awesome helmet tonight. Any time I get to see a Vader match I am excited. He’s the best big man in wrestling history and I will hear no arguments otherwise.

Arn tries landing some blows early but Vader comes right back with his clubbing blows in the corner. Flair lets Arn do all of the work but Vader keeps getting the upper hand until Arn hits his trademark spinebuster. And it still looks good.

Flair finally tags in with Vader down. Vader gets up and press slams Flair a couple times. Flair bails on the outside and goes for a chair. The distraction allows Arn to chop block Vader and Flair tags in Arn. Arn hits a nice DDT as Flair comes back in.

Flair applies the Figure Four but Vader gets to the ropes. Flair goes to the top, but as is tradition with Flair, he gets press slammed off the top. Flair hits a splash for two, then a top rope splash as Arn breaks it up. Vader takes out both men then hits a powerbomb on Arn for the win.

Arn and Flair argue in the ring. Flair leaves before they come to blows. But this was the start of a mini feud between the two that lead nowhere, as neither man really wanted to do it.

Hogan declares war on the Dungeon of Doom. Does he need to bring that to the Senate first?

For an hour and a half show, you could do a lot worse. Nothing was bad. Even Renegade’s match was kept short. DDP/Wright was good and showed Alex Wright had some potential. The Sherri/Parker story is harmless fun and even the Dungeon of Doom stuff gets a laugh for being short. Recommended if you are looking for something to watch on the Network.