Retro Review: WCW Clash Of The Champions 25

Clash Of The Champions

Hello Everyone.

I really wanted to get a Halloween Havoc review up last weekend but my time just did not allow it. It is a little too early for me to start reviewing Survivor Series shows. So I decided to stick with WCW and review a Clash of the Champions show.

Mean Gene welcomes us to the show. He wants us to call the hotline to vote for the Manager of the Year: Sir William, Missy Hyatt, Harley Race or Teddy Long. That is a bad list to choose from. I guess by default I choose Harley Race since he’s the manager of the World Champ.

Tony Schiavone and Jesse Ventura are on commentary. It is still always weird to see Jesse on commentary in WCW.

WCW International Championship: Rick Rude (c) vs Hawk

Speaking of weird, the big gold belt being called the International title is that. Or is it the World title? Because that is what everyone is calling it.

But that is not the real story here. The real story is that I just discovered and heard about this amazing Rick Rude song for the first time. This song is great. It is now stuck in my head.

Everything is weird about this match. Here comes Hawk solo. Animal was nursing a back injury at this point so Hawk was doing his thing. Trying to figure out which one of these guys is on more steroids here is difficult.

Rick Rude’s tights have the faces of all the men he’s beat on it. That’s a cool touch. These two are doin a great job of doing absolutely nothing right now. A few shoves and then a fake test of strength before Rude finally lands some shots to an unsuspecting Hawk.

Rude slams Hawk’s head into the turnbuckle but it doesn’t phase Hawk. He reverses it and slams Rude’s head into the turnbuckle. Hawk just starts tossing Rude around and I am reminded about how great a seller Rude was.

Rude goes to the eyes and both men brawl to the outside where we get a double countout. Rude retains. Boy that match was bad. But man, that Rick Rude theme was great. It has made my weekend.

The Equalizer vs The Shockmaster

Oh god. So The Shockmaster made his “infamous” debut at the last Clash of the Champions. So now Fred Ottman/Typhoon is dressed like he is ready to go working at a construction site. We are still a year away from The Equalizer becoming Dave Sullivan and the “Ulitmate Hulkamaniac.”

Strangely enough these two are actually doing more action than Rude and Hawk were. Sullivan runs into a boot than the Shockmaster bear hugs him then kind of sits him down on the mat? Boy did that look awful.

WCW Television Championship: Lord Steven Regal (c) w/Sir William vs Johnny B. Badd

Hey this match might actually be good and go longer than 4 minutes. You could obviously see what the WWF saw in Badd/Mero. The charisma was there. And despite what Bruce Prichard will tell you, he could go in the ring. Watch any of his WCW work.

Badd actually takes Regal to the mat a few times early on to the surprise of both Regal and Jesse. Ventura makes the point that the challenger has to be the aggressor in the TV title matches because you only have 15 minutes.

Regal lands some good European upper cuts. By 1993 standards they look as good as Cesaro’s. Badd knocks out Regal and Jesse protests it is a closed fist. Badd goes for the pin but Sir William puts Regal’s foot on the ropes. Badd them makes the classic babyface mistake and gets distracted by the manager, allowing Regal to roll up Badd and hold the tights for the win.

Flyin Brian Pillman vs Stunning Steve Austin w/Col. Rob Parker

This is the match where the HOLLYWOOD BLONDS EXPLODE! They were a great tag team together and then WCW decided to break them up. Both men brawl right as Austin gets into the ring. They go to the outside as Pillman chases Parker, but runs right into an Austin clothesline.

Austin tries piledriving Pillman on the elevated ramp but Pillman backdrops him. Austin then catches Pillman with a boot off the top and tosses Pillman off the ramp onto the railing. Col. Parker has a restraining order against Sid Vicious. Parker was his manager but Sid had recently left Parker so Parker keeps looking over his shoulder for him. Sid was actually gone from WCW by this point, as the Arn Anderson stabbing incident happened in late October.

Austin applies a half crab and grabs the ropes for leverage. Eventually Nick Patrick catches him and forces him to break the hold. Austin tosses Pillman into the corner but Pillman jumps up top then comes off with an elbow. Austin goes to the top but Pillman crotches him up there.

Pillman goes for a superplex but Austin drops him off, but Pillman then catches Austin coming off the top with a dropkick. Pillman goes for a catapult over the top but Austin catches him right into a bodyslam for two. Things get kind of sloppy towards the end. Austin goes for the Stun Gun but Pillman escapes. Pillman goes for another catapult but Parker grabs Pillman’s ankle, barely, and Austin pins him for the win.

We go to the Battlebowl Control Center. It is no WWF Live Events Center I’ll tell you that much. They should have planned it better, as Mean Gene says “We will have more live this Wednesday on Clash of the Champions live.” I mean it was obvious it was a pre tape but maybe get that part out.

WCW United States Championship: Dustin Rhodes (c) w/Dusty Rhodes vs Paul Orndorff w/The Assassin

For as great as Rick Rude’s theme is, Dustin Rhodes “The Natural” theme is just as bad. Rhodes wants to brawl with the Assassin right away. And of course Dusty gets a huge pop so he completely overshadows his son.

The fans like to chant “Paula” at Orndorff around now. Dustin has to apply a headlock early on to allow for the fans to pay attention to Assassin trying to sneak up on Dusty on the outside. Orndorff now switches to an armbar on the mat despite nothing going on at this point.

I don’t know why tonight but outside of Pillman/Austin, the theme of this night is long boring mat work or doing nothing. I have no problem with a bit of mat work here and there but it is 80% of all these matches so far. Dustin applies another headlock and Jesse says maybe he needs to wear Orndorff out more. I’m pretty warn out at this point.

We finally get a break from this prolonged mat work and Dustin goes for a bulldog but either he botches it or Orndorff doesn’t go down. Either way it looked awful. Orndorff misses a jump off the top and Dustin wins with an inside cradle.

The Assassin posts Dustin. Dusty of course makes the save and gets the big pop by taking out the Assassin. Dusty tries taking the mask off of the Assassin but Orndorff saves him by hitting him, with a roll of tape. Orndorff tries pile driving Dusty but Dustin makes the save.

WCW Tag Team Championship: The Nasty Boys (c) w/Missy Hyatt vs Sting and The British Bulldog

Holy boob job Missy Hyatt. The Nastyz don’t have the WCW theme that sounded exactly like their WWF theme so I’m guessing the WWF put a stop to that (either that, or they didn’t start using it until they turned babyface? may even have been a WWE Network edit job. Hit us up on Twitter if you know! – Ed).

Both teams brawl to start. Rick Rude, who apparently had a confrontation with the Bulldog backstage earlier, comes out and hits the Rude Awakening on Bulldog on the ramp. Hawk tries making the save but he is too late.

Sting drags Bulldog to the corner to get the match actually started. Bulldog is heaped over in the corner so it is essentially one on two. Sting literally checks on Bulldog after every other move. I mean Sting, you checking on him every ten seconds isn’t going to change anything about his condition.

Sting is actually doing okay for himself until Missy distracts the ref and Knobbs knocks Sting off the apron. This is a theme throughout the next few minutes as Nick Patrick continues to get distracted by Missy. During this time Davey Boy got up on his feet in the corner without the help of Sting.

For some reason Sting gets pushed into his own corner and he makes the tag to Davey Boy. Davey powers through the Nastys and he hits a powerslam on Knobbs. But Nick Patrick clears the ring and Sags hits an elbow off the top. Knobbs pins Bulldog for the win.

Col. Parker tells Ric Flair that Steve Austin is challenging the winner of this match. Okay Parker, I got some bad news for you.

WCW World Heavyweight Championship: Vader (c) w/Harley Race vs Ric Flair w/Fifi

After introductions and a commercial, we come back and Ric Flair has Harley Race in a figure four and I’m wondering if I accidentally put on Starrcade 84. Vader then appears from the ramp for some reason and splashes Flair.

Vader press slams Flair then hits an early Vader Bomb but Vader says he is going to torture Flair and doesn’t pin him. Flair ends up landing some chops in the corner but then runs right into Vader coming off the ropes. We get a classic Flair bump as Vader tosses him to the outside.

Race attacks Flair and leaves him on the rail. Vader jumps off the apron but Flair moves. Imagine being the fans in the front row seeing Vader coming at you like that. Flair actually comes off the top and lands an ax handle. Vader takes the mask off at about the 6 minute mark of the match coming back into the ring.

Vader misses an elbow off the top and Flair applies the figure four but Race scratches the eyes of Flair to break it up. Flair goes to the top for a second time and hits it. He then hits a third! My gosh that might be a record.

Flair tosses Vader into the corner. Vader ducks a charging Flair and Vader takes out the ref. Flair goes for a fourth move off the top but Vader catches him. Vader goes to the very top and hits a superplex. Vader misses a moonsault and Flair pins him. So the ref counts 3, but then the ref DQ’s Vader for what happened earlier.

So why the hell would the ref count the 3, then make the DQ? That makes absolutely zero sense. Why didn’t the ref just call for a DQ immediately? Oh yeah because Dusty Rhodes is booking these finishes.

Austin and Vader attack Flair until Shockmaster and Dustin Rhodes make the save.

Well that was certainly a show. The main event and Austin/Pillman were good. But the highlight of the show was discovering that Rick Rude theme. It has already been downloaded and uploaded to my iPod. I wonder if they have it at karaoke bars?