Retro Review: TNA/Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2009

TNA Bound For Glory 2009
Photo: Impact Wrestling

With Impact Wrestling’s Bound for Glory taking place this weekend, and Impact Plus being free until Sunday October 25, I decided to dive into the TNA library and look back at an old Bound for Glory show. The randomizer landed on 2009, so let’s get to it!

A really nice video package with wrestlers involved in all of the big matches talking about what said match means to them. A little on the long side but the sound bytes were good.

Zakk Wylde from a band called Black Label Society plays the National Anthem on his guitar. It is not very good. I’ve heard better guitar renditions.

Ultimate X Match for the X Division Championship: Amazing Red (c) vs Suicide vs Alex Shelley vs Chris Sabin vs Homicide vs Daniels

Motor City Machine Guns won their spot in the match by defeating Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed on the pre-show. If you compare what Christopher Daniels looks like now to what he did in 2009 it honestly doesn’t look like he aged at all.

I always liked the Ultimate X match. It is different than a normal ladder match and was a specialty match for the X Division. The WWE barely remembers their crusierweight division exists. Everyone gets a big move out of the way early to the outside. Amazing Red finishes it with a top rope rana on Daniels, sending him out onto the bodies on the outside.

Homicide is the first person to attempt to get to the title as the action goes on in the ring. Homicide rope crawls to the title as Suicide jumps onto the rope and takes down Homicide.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Shelley and Sabin) take out the rest of the competition. Amazing Red ends that. Homicide takes out everyone again as he tries getting to the title. But this time it is Daniels that knocks him off and catches him perfectly, then hits a Death Valley Driver.

Amazing Red starts climbing but looks like he is waiting for someone to come and attack him as he signals with his hand for someone to come over. Suicide eventually knocks him off. Daniels and Sabin have a nice exchange ending with Sabin hitting a spike DDT.

We get the same thing we got earlier in the match with everyone getting a spot in on someone, which ends with everyone laid out inside or outside the ring. Amazing Red and Suicide end up on top, which Shelley joins and we get a triple sunset flip powerbomb off the top.

Amazing Red seriously looks like he should be in high school and he is out here pulling off crazy shit. Daniels and Suicide climb to the top of the structure holding the rope X. I thought it was smart at first until I realized the distance between the top of the structure and the rope.

Daniels and Suicide slide down to the rope and Suicide hits a Spanish Fly off the rope. Daniels looks like he landed on his head and I have no idea how he wasn’t seriously injured in that spot. Red fights with Shelley on the rope and knocks him off, then grabs the title belt for the win. Fun spot match. The ending was a bit anti climactic.

The Beautiful People think the female interviewer is Jeremy Borash. I mean I find this woman attractive. Never thought that about Borash. So I don’t see the confusion.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Taylor Wilde and Sarita (c) vs The Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne) w/Lacey Von Erich

Angelina Love was an original member of the Beautiful People but was released from TNA due to visa issues. So in came Lacey Von Erich, who was not very good. Nowhere close to the Von Erich name. She makes out with the ref before the match. Earl Hebner comes down to throw her out and she makes out with him too. Earl don’t care though and still tosses her.

This match is kept short. Velvet Sky eats a nice missile dropkick off the top from Sarita. Sarita and Wilde hit a combo springboard front kick/german suplex for the win to retain the titles. Nothing great but nothing offensive either.

TNA Legends Championship: Kevin Nash (c) vs Eric Young vs Hernandez

Young is the leader of the World Elite, who were feuding with the Main Event Mafia at the time. Nash is in the MEM. But Kurt Angle put a bounty on Young’s head, $30,000. So Young made a deal with Nash to help Nash retain his title and give Nash an extra $60,000 for Nash’s help. Master negotiator Nash making an extra $60k.

Taz says it is all about making money for Kevin Nash. Truer words have never been spoken. Hernandez pounces Young over the top then throws Nash into the ring post. After Hernandez works over Young a bit in the ring, Nash comes in and pushes Hernandez into the corner and hits those trademark Nash knees in the corner.

Nash and Young work over Hernandez for a bit. At one point, Young goes for a cover and Nash looks like he forgets to break it up until the last second. Young tries to convince Nash it was just instinct. Nash probably doesn’t care as long as that $60k cleared.

Hernandez gets placed on top but kicks away Nash and Young. Both Nash and Hernandez look gassed at this point. Nash because of age, Hernandez because steroids probably. Hernandez catches Young and drops him with a sitout powerbomb for two.

Hernandez takes Young out with a dive to the outside. But he takes too long coming in and eats a Nash boot. Young hits an elbow drop off the top and pulls down Nash’s strap for him. Young then throws Hernandez into the crotch of Nash as Nash sets up the powerbomb and Young pins Nash to win the Legends title, even though Nash’s shoulder wasn’t fully down.

Full Metal Mayhem Match for the TNA and IWGP Tag Team Titles: Team 3D (c) vs British Invasion (c) vs Beer Money Inc. vs Scott Steiner and Booker T

So Team 3D are the TNA tag champs. British Invasion the IWGP champs. Both titles are on the line here. A young Magnus looks so weird here. Before the match, the other three teams agreed to take out Team 3D since they have the most experience in these types of matches. For those that don’t know, a Full Metal Mayhem match is essentially a ladder match.

British Invasion, the master minds behind taking out Team 3D, sneak in and try to climb the ladders for the titles but Beer Money is wise to it. Scott Steiner is just patrolling the ring on the outside kicking people. I really need to see a Scott Steiner ladder dive.

After choking D-Von with a cable, Steiner comes into the ring and cleans house. Everyone gets a clothesline or belly to belly. Steiner then takes out Doug Williams with a Frankensteiner and Magnus with a T-bone suplex off the top. Scott Steiner just throwing people around makes this one of the best ladder matches ever.

Booker T is selling some kind of injury on the outside as Sharmell comes out. British Invasion comes in and knocks Steiner off the ladder, then mock Team 3D by doing their What’s Up dive. As Booker T gets stretchered out, British Invasion takes their sweet ass time setting up tables in the ring. That allows Team 3D to come into the ring and clean house.

Magnus talks shit to Zakk Wylde on the outside, so Wylde tosses his beer into Magnus and then hits him with a chair. Team 3D hits the What’s Up on Williams this time. Steiner comes in and takes out Team 3D with chair shots. He starts climbing a ladder but Team 3D recovers and pulls Steiner down and through a table.

The Dudleyz climb the ladder but Rhyno comes out and knocks Bubba off with a chair. Rhyno does the same to D-Von but not before D-Von pulls off the IWGP tag team title. British Invasion take out Team 3D with more hard stiff chair shots. Beer Money grabs Magnus on the ladder and hits a superplex. Magnus looks like he landed right on Roode’s face on the way down but Roode is fine.

As Magnus recovers he climbs the ladder. Storm grabs his beer, drinks it, then spits it in the face of Magnus. Too much wasted beer in this match. Storm hits a nice sunset flip powerbomb. Big Rob comes out and pulls Roode off the ladder and press slams him to the outside and through a table. Big Rob puts Williams on his shoulders as they climb the ladder and Williams grabs the TNA tag title to win those. Fun spot fest.

Knockouts Championship: ODB (c) vs Awesome Kong vs Tara

So for those of you that don’t know, Tara is formerly Victoria from the WWE. She had just signed with TNA earlier in 2009. Kong takes it to both women early on. But she goes up top and misses a splash. ODB and Tara then decide to double team Kong, until they both try to pin her.

Tara applies the tarantula in the ropes but Kong breaks it up with a splash. Tara then goes to the top and hits a nice looking moonsault onto both women. Tara ends up getting tossed to the outside, and a “fan” starts to attack Tara. Security breaks it up but the action stops and Tara then goes to the back for some reason.

That kind of killed the buzz in the crowd as they were firmly behind Tara. Now it is just OBD vs Kong. After a few minutes of that Tara comes back and the crowd starts chanting. Kong shoves Tara off the apron then hits a splash off the top. I think Tara was suppose to break it up but she was late.

Kong hits the Implant Buster on OBD but only gets two. Awesome Kong’s partner Raisha Saeed comes out and tries giving her a chair to use. But Kong refuses, so ODB plants Kong on it to get the win and retain the Knockouts title. That whole bit with Tara through off the match and crowd. The person that “attacked” Tara was MMA fighter Kim Couture. It was meant to set up a MMA fight between the two but it never happened.

Matt Morgan actually cuts a decent promo about being the future of TNA.

Submission Match: Samoa Joe vs Bobby Lashley

Now compared to Daniels, current day Samoa Joe actually looks like he has aged compared to 2009 Joe. Lashley is channeling his inner DDP by wrestling with some taped ribs.

With this being a submission match a lot of the action will probably be mat based. Joe bails early on after Lashley takes him to and keeps him on the ground. Joe bounces back and tosses Lashley to the outside. Joe then dives through the ropes onto Lashley on the outside to regain control.

The crowd is very anti-Lashley here. I feel like I remember Lashley not being welcomed by the crowds when he initially came to TNA. Of course the TNA crowds also loved Joe so it was a bad matchup in that regard. Lashley starts a comeback but as he charges Joe in the corner, Joe catches him and hits a eurinogi which the crowd pops for. Joe hits another and goes for a third, but Lashley counters into an Anaconda Vice and Joe gives up.

Or does he? The announcers question whether Joe actually tapped out. We don’t get a replay of it so I can’t tell you.

Monster’s Ball Match: Abyss vs Mick Foley w/Dr. Stevie as Referee

Dr. Stevie (Steven Richards) is the former psychiatrist of Abyss in storyline. Mick Foley made him the referee because he has executive power. This is the classic younger guy idolizes legend, legend turns on younger star story. I was always a huge Abyss guy. I loved watching his hardcore matches and always respect the guy for the shit he did.

Foley attacks Abyss on his way to the ring. Foley starts climbing the stage but Abyss gets up and meets him. Foely punches him off and Abyss goes through the stage. Foley then grabs the barbed wire bat and hits a running dive onto Abyss with it.

Abyss ends up popping up from under the ramp. He throws Foley back into the ring and pulls a guardrail close to the ring and sets up a barbed wire board on it. Abyss hits Foley with a trash can and sets up another board in the ring. Foley blocks a chokeslam and hits a DDT on Abyss on the board.

Foley uses the barbed wire bat on the head of Abyss to bust him open. Foley sets up another barbed wire board but Abyss tosses Foley into it. Abyss charges but Foley moves and Abyss goes into the board. Foely then sandwiches Abyss in between two boards and elbow drops him.

Foley grabs a bag of thumbtacks. Abyss blocks his shots and goes to chokeslam him, but that is banned. So Abyss takes out Dr. Stevie. Daffney comes out and gives Foley a taser. Foely uses it on Abyss. Another ref comes out and the three count is messed up somehow. I think Abyss kicked out too late. There’s a theme going on with this tonight.

Abyss chokeslams Foley onto the board but Dr. Stevie pulls him out. Daffney comes in but Abyss grabs her and chokeslams her through a barbed wire board on the outside. Dr. Stevie gets a Blackhole Slam on the tacks. Abyss then chokeslams Foley onto the board again and drags over Dr. Stevie and counts his hand with three despite being unconscious for the win. That was ok. I bit of an overbooked mess at points, even for a Monster’s Ball match.

Kurt Angle vs Matt Morgan

This match was billed as “Wrestling’s Best vs Wrestling’s Future.” A good amount of people saw something in Matt Morgan at this time. Angle with a just starting to grow beard and not fully shaved head looks weird.

So the problem with Morgan here is similar to what Lashley ran into. The crowd loves Angle and doesn’t want to boo him. And that is a problem when TNA is trying to push Morgan as the next top star of their company.

Angle is hesitant early on to get into the ring. And it shows once Morgan corners him. Morgan takes off the elbow pads and starts swinging his elbows back and forth into Angle. Morgan catches Angle running to the outside and slams him into the railing. Morgan then hits an awkward looking crossbody off the top.

Morgan charges at Angle in the corner but Angle moves and goes right after the left leg of Morgan. Classic chopping down the big man strategy. Angle applies an extended figure four which Morgan breaks up. Morgan starts a comeback while barely selling the worked over leg, which I despise in pro wrestling.

Angle counters a chokeslam attempt and hits the triple German suplex combo. Morgan escapes the Angle slam and hits Angle with the Carbon footprint. Angle hits an Angle Slam for two. He goes for the Ankle Lock, but Morgan escapes. Morgan goes for a powerbomb but Angle counters to the Ankle Lock again but Morgan pushes out of it.

Morgan ends up hitting his finisher, the Hellavator, for two. Morgan goes for a Tombstone, but Angle counters to another Ankle Lock. Morgan powers out of it once again. A loud “Morgan Sucks” chant breaks out, which isn’t what you want in this spot of the match.

Morgan goes to the top but Angle pops up and hits a belly to belly off the top. We get an Angle Slam then a frog splash by Angle off the top. Nowhere near the height of Montez Ford unfortunately. Angle goes to the top and lines up for a moonsault, but Morgan gets him on his shoulders. Angle counters into a victory roll and gets the win.

Angle pulls Morgan up and offers him a handshake which Morgan accepts. Morgan would never get to the top of the mountain in TNA. Not to get political, but Morgan is kind of a piece of shit nowadays.

Match was pretty good though and exactly how you would want to book that if you want the young guy to lose. He gets beat by a surprise pin but comes out looking good in the end.

TNA Championship: AJ Styles (c) vs Sting

We are already passed the 2 hour 30 minute mark even before entrances, so I feel like time is an issue here. Sting has won the TNA Championship at the last three Bound for Glory shows. This was also being hyped up as Sting’s potential last match. And it is in his home state of California.

You can tell early on that Sting is out there to give it his all and keep up with AJ Styles. And make AJ look good in the process. Sting can’t keep up with the quickness of Styles early on as Styles hops over a charging Sting and Sting just stops and shakes his head and goes “Woah.” That was a cool little spot.

Sting is finally able to slow down Styles a bit as she throws Styles hard into the turnbuckle then to the outside. Good guy Sting lets AJ back into the ring. Sting and AJ each exchange control until AJ catches Sting with a dropkick. AJ goes to the outside but Sting moves. AJ stops himself then charges off the apron at Sting but Sting moves and AJ hits the rail. But Sting then goes for a splash and AJ moves so he hits the railing.

They reset back in the ring and this time it is AJ who lets Sting in. More great exchanges and Sting ends up hitting AJ with a tombstone for two, as fans at the time surely have thoughts of a Sting/Taker match running through their heads.

Each man tries to go for a Scorpion Death Drop, but Sting eventually hits it. He hits a Stinger Splash and then another Scorpion Death Drop for two. Sting applies the Scorpion Death Lock but AJ escapes it. AJ’s chops and punches don’t phase Sting as he “Stings Up” and clotheslines AJ.

Both men go to the top and fall off. AJ catches Sting with a Pele Kick then hits a springboard splash off the top to retain the title. A bit of a flat finish but it might just be that Sting knew he had nothing left.

Sting shakes AJ’s hand and leaves. AJ asks for Sting to come back, despite the first two mics not working. AJ finally gets a third one to work and asks Sting to come back to the ring. AJ leaves the ring and lets Sting have it to himself.

Sting says this should be AJ’s moment. And if he is going to lose, he wants to lose to someone like AJ Styles. Sting says he doesn’t know if he will come back, but the way people are reacting to him makes him want to stay forever.

Well, this would not be Sting’s last appearance in TNA. He’d be back in January.

This was a very good show in my opinion. For those that know my writing at this point, the more sarcastic I am the more I hate the show. But I focused on the actual wrestling and stories here. The show felt like a big deal from the second it started and I thought for the most part, TNA did a good job of making this feel like their Wrestlemania. It felt like a company going in the right direction.

Of course that would change by the end of the year, as Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff would be brought in to run the place and it would all go downhill from January.