Retro Review: ECW One Night Stand 2005

Sandman ECW One Night Stand
Credit: WWE

The 15 year anniversary of this show was this week. So why not throw ECW One Night Stand on and rewatch it again!

I was never able to attend an original ECW show when I was growing up. My parents didn’t really like the violent nature of the product. So despite ECW making semi regular stops to my hometown (Buffalo, NY), I never went.

But I was able to watch the show on TV regularly. Before it found its way to TNN, ECW would often air on local sports network affiliates throughout the states. The only problem with that would it would always be on at weird times. Sometimes the show would be on at 8 a.m., other times midnight. I always found a way to catch it.

This show was a great idea. ECW always had a cult following and it was guaranteed to sell out and do good business. But the problem was, Vince McMahon saw dollar signs after this and decided to do it the next year then make ECW its own brand. It was never going to work. This should have been a one time thing and you move on.

Anyway, onto the show.

Joey Styles comes to the ring and is clearly hit by the moment. You can tell he’s holding back tears. It is a shame Vince McMahon never liked Joey Styles. But why like someone who, you know, actually calls the matches and moves when they should be getting over buzzwords and catchphrases! Styles introduces Mick Foley as his announce partner for the night.

We get a short version of the classic ECW intro which I always loved.

Lance Storm w/Dawn Marie vs Chris Jericho

Jericho is out in his “Lion Heart” attire that he used to wear in his ECW days. Of course these two are also former tag team partners, known as the Thrillseekers in Smokey Mountain Wrestling.

Some really good action early on as these two exchange a handful of holds in the ring. Jericho hits a sliding dropkick to send Strom to the floor. But on the outside Storm side steps Jericho and sends him into the railing. Styles goes off on the New York State Athletic Commission requiring mats at ringside for some reason.

Storm hits a nice standing delayed vertical suplex. Jericho reverses Storm into the corner and Storm jumps up top. He jumps backwards and Jericho dropkicks him right in the back.

Lance Storm kind of awkwardly falls off a back drop (I think he was suppose to land standing) and then connects on a great superkick that would make the Young Bucks jealous.

Jericho escapes a single leg crab attempt and tries for the Walls of Jericho. Storm blocks it but gets catapulted into the apron. Jericho goes for the Lionsault. Storm gets his knees up but Jericho applies the Walls of Jericho. Dawn Marie gets on the apron, allowing Justin Credible and Jason to get on the apron.

Jericho fends them off at first, but after Storm kicks out of a pin Credible nails Jericho with a singapore cane and Storm gets the win.

Fun opening match and a nice little Impact Players reunion at the end.

Pitbull Gary Wolfe throws us to a tribute package for ECW alumni who passed away. It ends with Chris Candido, who had just passed away a little over a month before this show.

Tajiri w/Mikey Whipwreck and the Sinister Minister vs Little Guido w/FBI vs Super Crazy

Super Crazy was really over in ECW in 2000. Of course he would later go on to become a member of the Mexicools in WWE.

A classic “Where’s my pizza?’ chant at the FBI to start the match. Super Crazy goes for the first dive of the night but Tony Mamaluke trips him up. Super Crazy and Guido brawl into the crowd. Super Crazy then goes up to the second level of the Hammerstein Ballroom and hits a moonsault off it onto the entire FBI.

Super Crazy comes back to the ring and is met by Tajiri. Tajiri goes for the Tarantula but Super Crazy escapes and mounts Tajiri with some corner punches.

The FBI comes back and interferes. Tajiri eventually hits Guido with the mist on the top rope. Mikey Whipwreck hits the Whipper Snapper off the top on Guido and Tajiri pins Guido to eliminate him.

We are down to Super Crazy and Tajiri as Super Crazy hits a first rope and second rope moonsault, but Whipwreck blocks the third. Super Crazy is able to come back though and eventually hits the third moonsault for the win. Constant action throughout, which you really don’t see in modern day triple threats.

Psicosis vs Rey Mysterio

These two had some pretty good matches in ECW before leaving for WCW. Psicosis takes his mask off after coming to the ring with it. He had lost his mask during his time in Mexico/WCW, only months after Mysterio himself did. I don’t understand what was so significant about taking it off again but Joey Styles tries to make it a big deal.

Also for some reason the crowd is insistent on chanting “Put Your Mask On” at Psicosis for some reason. And this match just isn’t clicking with the crowd at all for some reason. The action is fine but they have clearly come down from the high of the first two matches. We even get a “boring” chant durig a sleeper hold.

They go to the outside where Psicosis drops Rey Mysterio on the guardrail. Psicosis then goes to the top and hits a Psycho Guillotine to the outside. That finally woke the crowd up.

Psicosis shoves Rey into the corner but misses a dropkick. Rey gets control with a facebuster and sends Psicosis to the outside. He hits a West Coast Pop off the top to the outside over the railing. Rey then hits a 619 back in the ring (which is booed) and a hurricarrana off the top for the win. Crowd was unfairly harsh to the match.

The Smackdown stars show up. Fake tough guy JBL thinks he is such hot shit staring down people in the crowd.

Joel Gertner tries to get a word with the Smackdown stars but is pushed away by fake tough guy JBL. Kurt Angle and JBL cut some promos. JBL says he could sell out Madison Square Garden while ECW couldn’t. Not sure JBL was selling out much of anything during his days on top.

JBL is going on for what seems like weeks until Rob Van Dam comes out with Bill Alfonso. Of course, this whole PPV was an idea RVD pitched to Vince McMahon. But RVD injured his knee and couldn’t compete on the show.

RVD says this PPV will do big business because everyone watching is sick of JBL getting shoved down their throats. RVD says he is “shooting” tonight and doesn’t have any genius script writers limiting his vocabulary tonight.

When I think of Rob Van Dam I think of wasted potential. RVD was over during the Invasion angle and they really should have pulled the trigger with him sooner than they did. Of course when they finally did the next year, he fucked up and was pulled over with illegal prescription drugs and dropped both the WWE and ECW titles less than a month later.

RVD talks about how much it sucks missing this show because of his injury and how much the old ECW mean to him. Rhyno then comes out and gores RVD. The lights then go out and Sabu hits the ring. And we get an impromptu match.

Sabu vs Rhyno

Sabu absolutely cracks Rhyno over the head with a chair. Sabu then hits his running jump off the chair onto the top rope to the outside. The crowd chants “You Got Fired” at Rhyno. Rhyno was fired due to an altercation involving his wife Wrestlemania weekend.

Back in the ring Sabu hits a hurricarrana off the top and another running jump off the chair but this time into the corner. Sabu goes for the triple jump moonsault but Rhyno trips him up and Sabu lands on the chair. Rhyno then drops Sabu face first on the chair.

Rhyno goes for the Gore but Sabu pulls the referee into the way. RVD throws a chair into Rhyno’s face then skateboards the chair into Rhyno’s face in the corner. A table is set up in the ring and Sabu jumps off the top with an Arabian Skull Crusher leg drop through the table for the win.

The RAW Invaders show up. Joey Styles is glad he didn’t bring his wife since Edge is here. Coach is here though with his over the top tough guy act. He might be tougher than JBL (I really hate JBL if you can’t tell).

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero

Well shit this just took a depressing turn. I don’t really have an issue separating Chris Benoit the wrestler from Chris Benoit the person. But seeing him against Eddie Guerrero here just seems tough.

The crowd is way more concerned with chanting shit at Edge and the RAW guys than the match early on. I think both men can tell so Eddie takes a powder to the outside early on to let the crowd get their chants out.

Smartly, both men throw chops at each other to get the WOOS from the crowd. We gets dueling chants for both men with Benoit winning out. They go to the outside and the crowd still chants stuff at the RAW people. See, they should realize that this plays right into the idea that everyone cares more about the Invaders than the action in the ring.

Eddie cracks Benoit over the back with a chair then hits a superplex off the top. But Eddie misses a frog splash which allows Benoit to come back. This time it is Benoit who goes to the top and hits a superplex and only gets two. Benoit hits three German suplexes and hits what Joey Styles calls a “Suicide Headbutt” for two. Ooof. Benoit is able to apply the Crippler Crossface as Eddie taps out.

We get a weird cut so something was taken out. Joel Gertner shows up again and begs Eric Bischoff for a job. Of course Bischoff won’t give him a job.

Mike Awesome vs Masato Tanaka

If you never saw these two fight in ECW, go out and find some of their matches after this. They are great. Joey Styles goes off on Mike Awesome for leaving ECW in 2000 for WCW. Sorry Joey, but if Mike Awesome wasn’t getting paid I have no problem with him leaving.

I might also be bias because I am a big Mike Awesome fan. I love his work in ECW and believe he was criminally under utilized in WCW. Awesome hits a suicide dive early on as Joey Styles wishes he would succeed in taking his own life. Give it a few years Joey.

Awesome sets a table up laying over the guardrail and hits an Awesome Bomb off the apron through the table. Awesome hits a splash back in the ring. Awesome cracks Tanaka over the head with three chair shots which of course barely phase him. That is how Tanaka is woken up in the morning.

Tanaka comes back and hits a tornado DDT onto the chairs for two. He then lays a chair over the face of Awesome and slams another chair into it. Awesome ducks another chair shot and hits a spear and German suplex onto some chairs.

Awesome goes to the top with a chair and blasts Tanaka over the head with it coming off the top. Awesome sets a table up in the ring and goes for a superplex. But Tanaka counters with a DDT off the top through the table. They go back to the top where Awesome hits an Awesome Bomb off the top onto the broken table for only two as the crowd gives a standing ovation.

Awesome goes to the outside and sets up another table. Awesome powerbombs Tanaka to the outside through the table then dives to the outside onto Tanaka and pins him there for a win.

Seriously folks, go find the matches these two had in the original ECW. They are just and good and even better. As I said earlier, the fact that no one could figure out how to properly use Awesome outside ECW is so idiotic.

We are at the point of the show where we get the Paul Heyman shoot promo that I am sure you have all seen before.

The Dudley Boyz vs The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer

It really sucks that the WWE didn’t pay for Alice In Chains for Tommy Dreamer’s theme this night. Of course we did get the classic Metallica “Enter Sandman” entrance of this show. It just isn’t on the Network. It is pretty easy to find if you search for it on Google. I still get goosebumps listening to it this day.

Before the match starts the bWo comes out. I never got the bWo. I thought it was dumb and didn’t really come across as anything good. Stevie Richards says they are taking over and attack. Kid Kash comes out as well as Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten. Nova eats some chair shots. Everyone starts brawling. Kid Kash then jumps off the ref and springboards to the outside onto everyone.

We finally get the match started. Bubba hits Dreamer over the head with a sign then slices his head with a cheese grater. The Dudleyz double team Dreamer until Sandman comes in and hits them with a ladder. Dreamer then uses it and the cheese grater on Bubba.

The action is all over the place. Sandman hits a swanton off the top onto a ladder on top of D-Von while Bubba crotches Dreamer on the railing. Bubba hits a frog splash on Sandman on the ladder. But Sandman ducks a cane shot and D-Von hits Bubba.

Sandman and Dreamer apply figure fours until the Impact Players come out. Justin Credible hits a tombstone piledriver on a barbed wire ring on Sandman. Francine comes out and low blows Dreamer. Beulah comes out and we get a cat fight. Beulah and Dreamer hit duelling low blows on the Impact Players than duelling DDT on the Dudleyz.

More shots are exchanged between the original teams. Dreamer gets 3D through the table. Spike Dudley comes out as another table is setup. The table gets lit up and the Dudleyz powerbomb Dreamer through the flaming table and pin him for the win.

Sandman asks someone for a beer. Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out and says he will get some, but first he invites the entire ECW locker room out. Austin says he has heard this talk about a fight all week and invites the WWE invaders down for a fight. They come down, as does Taz who squares off with Kurt Angle. This is of course where tough guy JBL stiffs the Blue Meanie.

Once the ring is cleared of the Invaders, Austin has Mick Foley bring Eric Bischoff down to the ring. Bischoff eats a 3D, Flying Headbutt, 619, and a Stone Cold Stunner as the Dudleyz carry Bischoff out of the arena.

This was a great trip down memory lane for fans of ECW at the time. I recommend it if you are too. Even if you aren’t I’d still recommend it to watch.