Retro Review: ECW Guilty As Charged 2001

ECW Guilty As Charged 2001

Twenty years ago this month, the last ever ECW PPV took place. While that was not official at the time, it was heavily rumored that this would be the end. The company had a PPV booked for March but a venue was never set. There were only two house shows after Guilty As Charged.

ECW was already dead, it just wasn’t official yet. They lost their TNN TV deal months ago. They lost their TV deal with the MSG Network, which was their big TV deal in the New York market. Wrestlers were owed months of pay. And there was no new TV deal in sight. Anyway, onto the PPV.

Joey Styles and Joel Gertner do their usual shtick to start the show. Gertner introduces the tag team of The Bad Street Boys, Christian York and Joey Matthews. As they come to the ring Da Baldies come out and attack them. They lay out Gertner as well.

Recently-turned heel Jerry Lynn and Cyrus (Don Callis) come out to the ring. Lynn hits a cradle piledriver then Cyrus comes in and gets the pin for the win. Apparently this was an actual match? Looks like Cyrus has his own heel referee too. Cyrus pays off Da Baldies with some new cigars.

Cyrus grabs the mic and says Lynn is the best wrestler to ever come out of the state of Minneapolis. I hope that was just him being a heel because that is a city, in Minnesota. Lynn grabs the mic and says it is the job of York and Matthews to make the stars look good. Lynn said that was his job for 12 years and he isn’t doing it anymore. He calls himself the ‘Whole F****** Show’ as the crowd chants for RVD.

ECW Tag Team Championship: Danny Doring and Roadkill (c) vs Julio Dinero and EZ Money w/Elektra and Chris Hamrick

I always liked Doring and Roadkill as a tag team. They went from being a comedy act to start and were then taken seriously and became tag champs. And Doring was decent in the ring.

EZ Money does a flip and taunts Doring. He thinks the ref pushed him but in actuality Roadkill is behind him and then pokes him in the eye. Roadkill goes for a double splash in the corner but both men move. Dinero then hits a nice running swanton over the top. Doring goes for a springboard off the back of a down Money but he doesn’t get any elevation and falls awkwardly over the top and the crowd lets him have it.

Roadkill goes after Elektra but he gets super kicked over the railing. Money hits a Buckshot Lariat over the railing onto Roadkill. The heels have control back in the ring. Money hits the EZ Bomb for two. He goes to the top but Doring catches him with a foot. Doring blocks the Money Clip and tags in Roadkill.

Roadkill gets some offense in before the heels go back to double teaming him. Hamrick accidentally takes out EZ Money, then when he is on the apron Dinero runs right into him. Doring and Roadkill hit the Boogie Bang for the win.

The heels attack after the match until Nova comes out to make the save. It looks like the crowd had no idea who it was. It was tough to gauge a reaction because of the generic dub over music but the crowd looks like they barely reacted. We then get an impromptu match.

Nova vs Chris Hamrick

Really awkward seeing Hamrick wrestle with Confederate flags on his gear. Nova applies the Figure Four but Elektra runs in and rakes the eyes. Hamrick goes to the middle rope but Nova face busts him. Nova goes to the top but Elektra crotches him.

Hamrick hits a super hurricarrana off the top. Hamrick lands some punches but Nova keeps telling him to bring it. Nova lands some chops then hits a superkick for two. Elektra jumps on his back and Nova tosses her over then hits her in the arm.

Both men back into the ref in the corner. Nova applies a Crossface chicken wing. Another ref and Chris Chetti in a ref shirt come out. Chetti counts a pin for Hamrick but the other ref sees Hamrick tap out. Lou E Dangerously comes out and knocks out the ECW referee.

Out comes Spike Dudley. Lou E says who would want to call themselves a Dudley, he would never (he was Sign Guy Dudley). Spike then hits an Acid Drop on Chetti. Nova comes back in and hits his finisher on Hamrick and Spike counts the 3 for the win. Wait the match was still going on? Alright then.

I Quit Match: Tommy Dreamer vs CW Anderson

No entrances again. I didn’t think anything of it for the first match. Maybe ECW was getting hit finally for using real songs and not paying. Both guys work over each other’s arms early on. Dreamer puts Anderson’s arm in an open chair on the post then conchairto’s another chair into it.

Dreamer grabs the ring bell and hammers it into Anderson’s head. Dreamer then digs the hammer into Anderson’s head until Anderson drops him chin first on the railing. Anderson sets up a chair in the ring and hits a drop toe hold sending Dreamer into it.

Anderson creams Dreamer with a shot to the head with a chair. Dreamer is busted open but recovers and drops Anderson on the chair. “Towel Boy” comes in with two Christmas gifts. Dreamer pulls out a razor wire circle. “Towel Boy” and Dreamer then hit Anderson with two sheet pans. “Towel Boy” goes to the top but is hit with the sheet pan then is delayed vertical superplexed all the way down.

Anderson then hits a Spinebuster on the razor wire. He grabs two chairs and sets them up in the ring, then suplexes Dreamer through both chairs. Anderson puts a chair around the neck of Dreamer and throws him into the corner. Anderson sets up a table in the ring but Dreamer catches him with a chair shot. Dreamer hits the Spicoli Driver through the table. He then wraps the plastic from the table around Anderson’s eyes and Anderson quits.

Really fun, brutal, bloody I Quit match. Much better than the crap we see nowadays.

Missy Hyatt is backstage in the bathroom with Justin Credible. She tells Francine to f*** him already, but Francine won’t until he wins the title. Steve Corino doesn’t believe she is in there until she passes Corino in the hallway. Jack Victory is upset Hyatt doesn’t remember managing him.

Kid Kash and Super Crazy vs Mikey Whipwreck and Tajiri vs the F.B.I. (Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke)

Oh man, I am going to have a hard time keeping up with this match. I can tell just from being 30 seconds into this match. The winners of this match become the #1 Contenders for the ECW tag team titles.

Yeah this is nuts. Three minutes in all six men are in the ring. The FBI and Tajiri/Whipwreck end up on the outside. Super Crazy runs over the back of Kash onto all four men. Kash then hits a springboard reverse corkscrew dive to the outside on all five men.

Back in the ring Kash is held down. Big Sal hits a splash on Kash as his team gets eliminated. Whipwreck and Tajiri hit a combination of moves on Mamaluke then tie him and Nunzio up in separate trees of woe. Big Sal grabs Mikey then slams him into the ring post. Guido hits the Sicilian Slice for two.

Mikey hits the Whipper Snapper on Mamaluke. Tajiri hits a reverse airplane spin on Guido. Mikey goes for a double Whipper Snapper on the FBI off the top but they block it then apply double armbars. Tajiri takes them out with kicks to the head, then hits a double German suplex with Mikey to pick up the win.

Johnny Swinger and Simon Diamond w/Dawn Marie vs Balls Mahoney and Chilly Willy

Mmmmm ECW Dawn Marie. Swinger says he hasn’t been benefiting from Dawn Marie’s managerial services (he means sex), so he enlisted the help of Blue Boy Management. Out comes Blue Meanie with Jasmine St. Clair. Don’t look her up, kids.

The match gets 30 seconds in until Rhino comes out and just Gores everybody, including Dawn Marie. Jasmine gets a piledriver off the top.

Tables, Ladders, Chairs and Canes Match for the ECW Championship: Steve Corino (c) vs Justin Credible vs Sandman

All three men take a shot to the head from the ladder to start. Credible sets a ladder up on Corino then drops down on Corino with another ladder. Sandman comes back and catches Credible with a bulldog on the ladder. Corino canes Sandman climbing the ladder.

Credible tosses Sandman over the top through a table. Corino comes in and drop toe holds Credible onto an open chair. Sandman canes both men then suplexes Corino onto a ladder. Sandman tosses Credible off the apron through a table. He then just throws a ladder at Corino on the outside.

Sandman climbs a ladder but the ladder tilts sideways. Credible was setting up for something on the top when that happened. Corino climbs the ladder, but Credible dropkicks him off and Corino lands on a chair. Sandman is shoved off the ladder through a table set up on the outside.

Corino slingshots Credible into the ladder, who then comes right back and tombstones Corino. Francine hits a hurricarrana Sandman on the outside. Sandman gets right back up and grabs a new, bigger ladder and brings it to the ring. Someone raises the belts as Corino and Credible climb the ladder. Corino and Credible go through a table and Sandman climbs the ladder like a normal person would and gets the title for the win. Sloppy match, not the good kind of brutal either.

After the match Da Baldies come out again but Credible and Corino attack and fight them to the back. Rhino comes to the ring then hits the Gore on Sandman. Rhino asks why he is the TV Champion when this company doesn’t even have TV. That’s a good point. The real reason Rhino doesn’t have the TV title is because someone stole it a few weeks ago.

Rhino wants a World title match. He says give him a title match and he dies. And if he doesn’t, his family dies. Sandman tells them to ring the bell and we have a world title match.

Rhino gores Sandman through a table but he kicks out at two. Rhino then hits a piledriver on Sandman through a table but only gets two again. A piledriver on a piece of broken table finally is enough to give Rhino the win and become ECW Champion.

Cyrus comes out to celebrate the win with Rhino. Cyrus says if there is any man that wants to challenge Rhino then they should come out right now.

Out comes Rob Van Dam. A few months ago Van Dam left the company because he was owed a ton of money, like a lot of other people in ECW. But RVD and Heyman made an agreement for this show. It was the “big surprise” Paul Heyman promised on the ECW web site. Jerry Lynn comes out and attacks RVD, so we get this match instead.

Rob Van Dam vs Jerry Lynn

After a quick exchange and stare down RVD goes out to celebrate and slap hands with the fans. He seems genuinely happy to be there. Though he is doing a bit of stalling. Probably wants to do as little work as possible. Can’t fault the guy.

They go to the outside. Lynn throws RVD into the railing. RVD blocks a charge then hits a moonsault off the railing onto Lynn. RVD drops Lynn on the railing and hits a leg drop off the apron onto Lynn. Back in the ring RVD press slams Lynn then moonsaults onto him then jumps to the middle rope and hits another moonsault.

RVD puts Lynn on the top. RVD rolls and goes to jump but Lynn catches him mid air with a clothesline. Lynn then leg drops RVD in the middle ropes and dropkicks RVD into the railing. Lynn slams RVD into the post as the crowd chants to hit some bald guy in the front row who is clearly drunk. Someone must have because the crowd cheers.

Near fall attempts in the ring. RVD kicks a chair into Lynn’s face. But Lynn comes right back and sunset flip powerbombs RVD off the middle rope onto the chair. He hits a nice German Suplex for two. Some more good action but the crowd is too concerned about getting some guy thrown out.

RVD misses a frog splash. Gertner comes out and DDTs Cyrus. Lynn misses with a chair shot and RVD hits the Van Damninator. RVD then hits the Van Terminator as Gertner holds the chair in place. RVD gets the pin for the win as the last ECW PPV comes to an end. Good match to end the show with. RVD and Lynn have great chemistry.

The show ends with Steve Corino and Justin Credible forming the New Impact Players.