Special Request Made By Edge For WWE Crown Jewel Match

Edge battled Seth Rollins inside Hell In A Cell at WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia

It would appear that Edge requested his Crown Jewel Hell In A Cell match was officiated by Jessika Carr, according to a recent interview with the WWE official.

By being the third person in the match in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Carr became a part of wrestling history for two reasons, as she was the first female to referee in the country as well as being the first first to officiate inside the demonic steel structure.

In a discussion on the Table Talk podcast, Jessika Carr spoke of how long-time referee Charles Robinson put the word to Edge that she might be a good fit to referee him for the first time at SummerSlam.

It was something that happened progressively, starting at SummerSlam, to be honest with you. At this point in his career, Edge likes working with people that he’s comfortable with in the ring as far as referees are concerned and that person for the longest time, one of them, has always been Charles Robinson.

At SummerSlam, Charles wasn’t planned to be there so it was a discussion between him and Edge of, ‘Hey, do you want to give Jessika a chance? I think Jessika will be a good option.’ Edge was all about giving me an opportunity to learn, to be in the ring with someone that has gone through all the things he has in his career.

That was that first step of doing it at SummerSlam and I stepped up to the plate, obviously, of doing all the things and got a lot of kudos from that and that was amazing.

With the match at Crown Jewel becoming a trilogy contest after Carr once again officiated the pair on an episode of SmackDown in New York, the referee recalls Edge specifically asking Vince McMahon for her to be in charge inside the cell.

The second chapter of that was Madison Square Garden, and that was very shocking because Charles was there and I don’t know whose decision that was or what the story was with that, but to then be at Madison Square Garden and have Edge vs. Seth was a tip of the hat.

I stepped up to the plate at Madison Square Garden and it was literally standing in Gorilla with Edge and Edge asking Vince, ‘can we have her in Saudi Arabia.’ Vince was like, ‘Yeah, I think we can make that happen.’

It just paralleled after that and things had to be put in place as far as communicating with who they had to communicate with in Saudi and it has to go through extra steps and layers to make sure everyone is okay with it and the week before I started hearing, ‘You have the cage in Saudi.

It was a strong night for WWE’s females at Crown Jewel, as it was also the first time on one of the shows where two women’s matches took place. Zelina Vega won the final of the Queen’s Crown tournament against Doudrop, and Becky Lynch successfully defended the SmackDown Women’s Championship in a triple-threat match with Bianca Belair and Sasha Banks.

Two of WWE’s male stars also made history with their match at the event.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.

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