Report: WWE To Move NXT From Wednesday Nights

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Credit: WWE

When AEW Dynamite launched on TNT in September 2019, WWE immediately decided to counter their Wednesday night timeslot by shifting the previously ‘WWE Network only’ weekly NXT show to USA Network.

Iron has clearly sharpened iron and the competition between the two has clearly led to both shows putting on stellar programming on a regular basis, the ratings have not been good news for WWE.

With a few exceptions, Dynamite has consistently secured a larger audience particularly, as certain AEW affiliated individuals never tire of telling us, in the all important 18-49 year old demographic.

According to a podcast titled ‘Mat Men Pro Wrestling’ insiders are suggesting that NXT will be moving to Tuesdays on April 13th.

We must stress that as an unsourced rumour, this information should be taken with a significant pinch of salt. However, these rumours are consistent with recent reports from multiple sources. The idea that a date has been decided is something that has not previously been speculated.

If true, the move would seem to make sense. Whilst the completion has certainly aided the quality of both programmes, splitting the audience on Wednesdays has resulted in less share for both sides. A move in night could be beneficial for WWE, AEW and fans in general.

We will keep this updated as and when this news becomes more concrete.

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