Report: WWE To End Amway Center Residency Before 1st December

The Amway Centre

Recent reports across sport media have suggested that the NBA hopes to begin their 2020/21 season before the end of the year. If this is confirmed it would mean WWE looking for an alternative site to the Thunderdome within a matter of weeks.

WWE took up residence at the Amway Center in Orlando on August 22nd for all their main roster TV and PPVs, beginning with SummerSlam. The move has been a resounding success and allowed them to create an exciting atmosphere without fans and away from the sterlie feeling Performance Center.

However, the Amway plays host to the Orlando Magic basketball team and if they do start as planned, WWE would no longer be able to leave their huge Thunderdome set in situ, forcing them to make a move before December 1st if the NBA begins as planned.

The always reliable WrestleVotes Twitter account suggested over the weekend that venues in North Carolina, Texas and Illinois have been mentioned. WWE’s requirements are quite exacting. They would need an arena that does not play host to an NBA or NHL team so the space would be vacant. They also need a fairly modern arena in order for it to be able to handle the weight of the Thunderdome and be able to supply the electricity needed to power it. The Amway Center was opened in 2010.

On top of this, the venue would need to be need a major air travel hub to allow for simplicity of travel for talent and crew from all over the USA and Canada.

These requirements likely leave WWE’s options limited and little time to explore them.

Where will WWE’s caravan tip up next if the Magic return to play in their home arena in little over one month’s time?