Report: Triple H Appoints Former Top Indy Promoter To Oversee New NXT Show

Triple H
photo: WWE

With the popularity of NXT seemingly constantly on the rise, it’s no wonder they’d look to add to their programming.

It also looks like Triple H is delegating responsibility for the next show we’ll see to a renowned name.

According to a report from Wrestling Inc, he has handed the reigns for the new venue to Gabe Sapolsky.

Gabe Sapolsky
Gabe Sapolsky

Sapolsky was the original promoter of EVOLVE, which has now closed and the footage absorbed by the WWE banner.

The report claims that Sapolsky has been given a team of agents and writers to produce the show.

It is seen that this show will now be an “NXT to NXT”, creating another level in the brand and before a step to Raw or SmackDown.

However, we may have a wait on ours hands before we see this new product come to fruition.

An original launch date of January 2021 is muted, however this has already been delayed once and will likely be again.

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