Report: Next NXT TakeOver To Take Place In Week Of WWE WrestleMania?

NXT TakeOver Logo
Credit: WWE

It looks as if we could be in for an even longer stretch of shows during WWE WrestleMania week.

As well as WrestleMania itself taking place over two nights, there is now an indication that the next NXT TakeOver will also take place that week.

In an email used to encourage people to keep their subscription to the WWE Network, the company highlights events they would miss if they were to cancel.

The current email mentions FastLane on 21st March, WrestleMania on 10th and 11th April, and then NXT TakeOver on 8th April.

This would be an unprecedented Thursday night TakeOver for the black and gold brand.

It could also tie in with reports of their weekly show moving to Wednesday nights.

Whatever happens, we’ll have the energy drinks and occasional beer lined up for the entire week of reporting!

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