Report Lifts Lid On Why Kurt Angle Was At The Royal Rumble

Kurt Angle wearing a suit with a WWE microphone

A new report has shed more light on why Kurt Angle was in attendance at the 2022 Royal Rumble, despite not appearing on the show.

While the Royal Rumble threw up it’s usual surprises, including appearances by the likes of Ronda Rousey, Bad Bunny and Shane McMahon, one star many expected to see was Kurt Angle.

In the lead up to the event it had been reported that the WWE Hall of Famer would be in attendance at the show. The report came after the man himself recently refused to rule out a return to the ring.

However, a new report from PWInsider has suggested that Angle was backstage at the show to shoot content for the WWE Network. There are no details on what that content might be, or when it might be broadcast.

Angle hasn’t wrestled since being defeated by Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35. Speaking on a recent episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show the former World Champion admitted that while he hadn’t got plans for a return, another match could be possible.

I started training hard again to get my body back in shape and, not that I’m planning on wrestling, but I want to keep the option open. I’ve been training a lot of physical therapy training, working on my smaller muscles, my core, everything like that. I lost a lot during this pandemic, I couldn’t even walk in a straight line, my balance was off, my strength was off and I was going through a really difficult time. I went through a lot of depression too.

With all of that, I’m trying to work myself into pretty good shape. I don’t expect myself to be what I used to be 10 years ago but I would take 5 years ago over anything. If I’m able to feel as good as I did five years ago, I will probably wrestle. But right now, I don’t plan on it.

At the Royal Rumble itself, Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar won their respective Rumble matches. Although it was a mixed night for The Beast as he lost his WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley. The loss came after interference from Roman Reigns after he once again joined forces with Paul Heyman. In the opening contest of the night, Reigns retained his Universal Championship against Seth Rollins via disqualification.