Report: Details Of WWE’s “Massive Offer” To Bryan Danielson Emerge

Daniel Bryan
Credit: WWE

It is being reported that WWE made a “massive offer” in an attempt to keep Bryan Danielson with the company, including some very interesting terms.

The former Daniel Bryan debuted with AEW at All Out after more than a decade working with WWE. Having won everything in the company, Danielson was “banished” from WWE on-screen following a loss to Roman Reigns on April 30th, the same day his contract officially expired.

At that time there were negotiations with WWE about re-signing Danielson, but at the same time he was talking with AEW and that was his final decision.

Dave Meltzer at The Wrestling Observer has now seemingly revealed some of the details of the offer WWE made in an attempt to keep Danielson.

He was given a major offer to stay. He also got a similar offer from AEW. WWE pushed hard the last few months to get him to sign a long-term deal, and promised him the ability to work New Japan Pro Wrestling, which at the time was a key part of his decision-making process. Vince McMahon even gave him permission to do the G-1 Climax tournament, although it’s most likely McMahon had no idea what it was when he said that. […] Both AEW and WWE offered similar money. WWE was willing to allow him limited dates to give him time home, a major guarantee, among the largest in the company, and the ability to do outside stuff. AEW offered similar.

It was also reported back in May that Danielson had been in the middle of negotiations about a working relationship between WWE and NJPW at a point when he had been talking about wanting to wrestle in other promotions while under contract with WWE.

Bryan Danielson made his AEW debut to close out All Out, confronting The Elite which is also included fellow debutant Adam Cole. This led to another face-off on Dynamite, in which Danielson managed to get AEW Champion Kenny Omega to tap out during a brawl.

Speaking after joining AEW, Danielson confirmed that whilst quarantine restrictions make it a challenge at the present time, he would love to work for NJPW in the future.