Report: Cody Rhodes & Other AEW EVPs Losing Power

Cody Rhodes

A new report has claimed that the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW are losing their power, with one getting cut adrift more than the rest.

The announcement of the creation of All Elite Wrestling was made on 1st January 2019, on an episode of Being The Elite. As details of the fledging promotion emerged, it was revealed that Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and Nick and Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks had been appointed as Executive Vice Presidents of the company.

Cassidy Haynes of is now reporting that, with all decisions going through AEW President Tony Khan, the group of EVPs have had a number of their creative duties taken away. Whilst it is seen that AEW talent are given the opportunity to pitch their own creative ideas, one source is quoted as saying that “creative is absolutely Tony Khan’s prerogative now”.

The report also claims that Cody Rhodes was the only one of the four EVPs to regularly attend office meetings, but his duties have been reduced as well. The other three seem to have very specific roles as EVPs. Kenny Omega has his focus AEW Games and helping produce the company’s women’s matches. Matt Jackson is seemingly mostly focused on the merchandising side of the business, where his wife Dana is Head Of Merchandise. Nick Jackson works on producing Being The Elite, which regularly tops over 100,000 weekly views.

A source has also stated that the titles of EVP are in name only at present rather than by actions.

Basically they are EVPs in name only in 2021. They no longer have the final say in creative or talent hiring. Any of them. Tony Khan pulled back on the reigns and took that power away from all.

There is also talk that whilst Cody Rhodes remains close friends with the other Executive Vice Presidents, he has become somewhat cast away from them.

Cody doesn’t really have much of a relationship with any of the EVPs, anymore. The others are still great friends, but Cody is very much on the outside looking in.

Rhodes has plenty of ventures outside AEW to focus on as well, given the recent launch of ‘Rhodes To The Top’ alongside his wife Brandi, and the Nightmare Factory training school.