Report: Andrade El Idolo Wants Both Ric & Charlotte Flair To Join Him In AEW

Andrade El Idolo & Charlotte Flair

Ric Flair being released by WWE was a shock to many, but it would seem the fiancé of his daughter Andrade El Idolo already has plans for him to head over to AEW.

Not only that, but Andrade would like “the whole family” to join him – which would include ‘The Queen’ Charlotte Flair.

Dave Meltzer, speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, commented that whilst Charlotte would be a big get, she’s not the only person Andrade would target to head to AEW.

Andrade has told people that he wants the whole family there. And by the family, it’s, you know, RUSH, Bestia, Dragon Lee, him, Ashley [Charlotte], Ric, that’s what he wants. Ashley, you know, I don’t know her. I’m certainly not going to speak for her, I sense that she’s that she wants to be in WWE, that it’s the big leagues to her.

I mean, it would be a big perception get. And I also don’t know when her contract ends. And believe me, I have been asked when her contract ends by many inside people, not in AEW but reporters, because what I just told you is something that everyone is talking about, because everyone knows that story. So that’s another one. You know, I mean, I don’t expect that she’s gonna leave. But you know, it is something that every reporter worth their soul has must have heard, because I hear it all the time.

Talking specifically about ‘The Nature Boy’, Meltzer said that he can’t see Ric going anywhere other than AEW.

So I don’t know that he’s going to AEW, but I can’t imagine him not being in AEW, especially right now. You know, the way the situation is, I just can’t even imagine him not being there. Now, I don’t know. Here’s the thing, though. I don’t know what the terms of the release are. Because I don’t know that Vince really wants him with AEW so quickly. I don’t know, like how long the non compete is.

Andrade has already added to his AEW “family”, recently adding Chavo Guerrero at his side as an adviser. It certainly seems like he wouldn’t mind extending that family even further.

With thanks to Inside The Ropes for the quotes.