Reason For Zelina Vega’s WWE Release Revealed

Angel Garza with Selina Vega
Angel Garza with Selina Vega - Credit: WWE

It has been a rollercoaster few days for Zelina Vega with her release from WWE.

Real name Thea Trinidad, Vega has commented on her release via Twitch.

Now, it would appear (unsurprisingly) that it’s her use of social platforms which led to her contract being terminated.

Sports Illustrated are reporting that she was fired for breaching her contract.

The story claims that WWE felt they were backed in to a corner when Vega opened up an OnlyFans account.

Via the platform you could get “exclusive videos and photos of cosplays, lingerie, swimsuits and more” for $30 a month.

Whilst she took a stand against WWE with her “I support unionisation” Tweet just before being released, it is unclear if others will take similar risks now for fear of having their contract terminated.