RAW Underground Returns: Shayna Baszler Dominates

Raw Underground

The second week of RAW Underground brought four matches in the ‘worked shoot’ style being presided over by Shane McMahon. The first match had Cal Bloom go up against Riddick Moss. The two fighters held onto each other for the entire bout, even when spilling to the outside area, until Moss went for Bloom’s eye then dropped him with a big right hand and the match was swiftly stopped.

17 time Brazilian amateur wrestling champion and martial artist Arturo Ruas was introduced by Shane and went up against a local competitor. Ruas made short work of his opponent, finishing him off with a spinning roundhouse kick.

The monster from last week, Dabba-Kato was up next against another enhancement talent and proving that Underground has no rules, Dabba-Kato won the match with a knockout blow after going low and squeezing his poor opponents groin.

Finally, Shayna Baszler stepped up. Showing absolutely zero fear the former MMA fighter squared up to the towering Dabba-Kato. The tension was squashed by Shane however and Dabba-Kato exited the ring area.

As expected, no one was too keen on going face to face with the Queen of Spades and so she went to ringside and chose her own opponent, punching one of the audience and launching her into the ring. Baszler went for the ground and pound until another female from the audience attacked Shayna from behind but was also quickly taken down.

Another crowd member then tried to jump the former NXT Women’s Champion and locked in a choke hold but to no avail. She was also taken out swiftly. All three of the woman then ganged up on the impressive Baszler and were dispatched one by one with a huge judo throw for the first, a kick to the head for the second and the last made to submit.

Shayna Baszler was no doubt the stand out star of RAW Underground and long may it continue. Her fighting style is suited to the short, sharp matches that we’ve seen over these couple of weeks and gives her the chance to get back to her fighting roots. Who will be the next to stand up against her?