Predictions Roundtable: WWE Backlash 2020

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This weekend will be the Greatest Weekend Ever, as WWE presents The Greatest PPV Ever featuring the Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.

Who will win and lose on the show? Well, our Greatest Website Team Ever has provided the Greatest Set Of Predictions Ever for the reading pleasure of the Greatest Readers Ever.

Whoever dared suggest WWE’s promotional approach was a touch belligerent?


Edge vs Randy Orton

Ash Rose: The fact that WWE have gone into overdrive to hype ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever’ makes me certain we are going to get the complete opposite, because there is no way they could live up to the hyperbole. I think we see Randy attack Edge and take him out before the match even gets going, thus ruining the tagline and continuing his mission to spoil the Rated R Superstar’s emotional comeback. 

Lewis Brown: This one I have mixed feelings about. Edge is great and it’s so good to see him back, but did we not JUST do this at Wrestlemania? I get Backlash usually is for Mania rematches but that’s not really the case this year considering half the people in the event are no longer champions or not working currently so you don’t need Edge/Orton again.

It was a very long match at the show of shows and I think it would’ve been a conclusive end to the feud. Since when does a last man standing match start a feud? I want to see Edge pick up the win here and move on to some of these fantasy matches we’ve waited almost a decade to see!

Steve Cox: I expect this to be 10 minutes of brilliance whisked into 30 minutes of boredom. I hope not. But we don’t need 40 minutes here when these guys can only really go for 15 max. They are both great. But need to trim things down.

Paul Benson:

My prediction is….That it WON’T be ‘The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever.’ Shocking, I know.

I was incredibly excited for this match at WrestleMania and I don’t feel it delivered. The two made the ‘WrestleMania 12 Iron Man Match’ mistake of believing slow and methodical equals dramatic. It doesn’t. You need actual drama to make it dramatic.

Let’s hope they have learnt their lesson and this match at least goes someway to living up to the billing it has been so hilariously (and somewhat cleverly) given. Edge to win.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Bobby Lashley

Ash: This is easily the best built feud on the card, where WWE have somehow made Bobby Lashley a believable contender to the top title – largely thanks to the addition of MVP. These two worked very well together during their rivalry in Impact and they’ve transferred that chemistry to WWE and finally given us a reason to care about Lashley. Saying that I still can’t see Drew dropping that title until the crowds come back. 

Lewis: McIntyre for the win here. Easy. I am excited for the match because there is something to be said for two monsters going to war. The match doesn’t need to be a technical showcase, these two can just slug it out. But I think Lashley’s time to seriously contend for gold has come and gone with Lesnar. I would have loved to have seen Lashley and Lesnar in a bloodbath brawl but for Drew, I don’t want to see Lashley dethrone my personal hometown hero.

Steve: I expect shenanigans that blow up in MVP’s and Bobby’s face, probably involving Lana somewhere. It’ll be short but probably fun.

Paul: I like this McIntyre title reign in its simplicity. A strong, likeable, charismatic champ given a steady stream of challenges that should, in theory, increase in difficulty as the months go on. No silliness, no shoe-horned stories. Just baddies wanting Drew’s belt and getting their heads kicked off. If there were fans to react I am convinced people would be raving about his tenure as champion so far. C’est la vie.

Drew to win. The match won’t be amazing but it will be good enough. These two had a fun match in Impact Wrestling so expect them to do the same here. Who would have said when they were doing that Impact match that the eventual rematch in WWE would be in front of even less fans.

Universal Championship, handicap match: Braun Strowman (c) vs The Miz & John Morrison

Ash: A bit of a fun throwaway for the Universal champ until we see Bray Wyatt reappear ahead of an expected meeting with The Fiend at SummerSlam. Miz and Morrison have managed to get some of the comedy aspect of this programme over, but that’s the only victory they’ll find in what I expect to be a bit of squash match. 

Lewis: Braun is going to win but let me just say: IT MAKES NO SENSE TO HAVE A HANDICAP MATCH FOR A SINGLES TITLE! It serves no purpose here especially as we already know Braun is a beast. He doesn’t need to prove that anymore. We have seen him flip trucks and vans and limos and beat multiple opponents at once. All this match is going to do is make Miz and Morrison look terrible when the two of them cannot put away one man. And that’s if they lose, could you imagine they win?! Does WWE not remember Lay-Cool? How did that one work out? Exactly.

Steve: I expect a beat-down with a big recovery at the end. Although a co-champion would certainly be something fresh, Strowman is in the build phase now so I don’t expect him to lose, instead he’ll walk out looking strong.

Paul: Conversely on Smackdown, they’re not even attempting to give Strowman a strong reign. Sure, he was never meant to be champion coming out of WrestleMania but was this the creative they were going with for Roman Reigns? Surely not. Hey ho, it’s just a good job the creative team on Raw has an individual voice to set them apart

Seriously though, Strowman to win. That a supposed top title on a brand is being contested in a comedy driven handicap feud with a mid-card tag team is truly lamentable. Can we go back to Goldberg squashing The Fiend please? Suddenly that seems interesting in comparison.

Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) vs Nia Jax

Ash: Asuka’s promos have been a joy to watch since focus switched on her as Raw’s champ and it feels like she’s finally where she should be on the main roster. Her matches with Nia Jax in NXT where some of the best we’ve seen from Jax and so this has the potential to surprise in terms of match quality, but I doubt there’ll be any surprise in the result. 

Lewis: Can we just agree if Jax wins, we riot?

Nothing against her personally as I’m sure she’s lovely, but she has a long way to go in the ring. I get they want a monster in the women’s division, and it does work, look at Nyla Rose in AEW. But the difference is that Rose is great in the ring whereas Jax is just not there. Plus, this is Asuka’s first big title defence and I don’t see them taking it off her just yet.

They have already teased a match with Charlotte following the Jax match. When WWE set up another feud for the Champion, chances are they’re defending it successfully.

Steve: I am hoping for a systematic take-down of the giant, a piece at a time, from the incredibly talented champion. Asuka needs to be on top at the moment and barring a run in from Charlotte I’m not expecting that to change.

Paul: Everyone’s real favourite female wrestler, Asuka, to retain here. And I suspect she will get something halfway decent out of Jax, who sadly, still hasn’t grown one inch as a worker since coming to the main roster. 

Women’s Tag Team Championship: Bayley & Sasha Banks (c) vs The Iiconics vs Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

Ash: Possibly the hardest match on the card to call, and history tells us WWE could go two ways. Either they’ll keep the belts on Bayley and Sasha to prolong their storyline or we’ll see the first cracks appear in their story when one of them is at fault for them losing the titles. I am going to punt for the latter, which would see The Ilconics pick up the gold for a second time.

Lewis: I really don’t know what WWE are doing with those tag belts at this point. Since inception we have barely seen them at all and when they finally start becoming relevant and the Ilconics made their triumphant return and looked poised to win them, they went to Bayley and Sasha for… reasons. I hope WWE right the wrong here and put the belts on the Iiconics, who right now, are one of only two active female tag teams in WWE.

Steve: Basha (Bayley and Sasha) have just won the titles but I can see all three teams with a shot to take this… hard one to call. But I feel WWE will play it safe and keep it on the champs for now.

Paul: I’ve seen so much chatter online about how putting the belts on Bayley/Sasha is a bad thing, a step back etc. Do you ever see yourself completely out of step with the majority opinion and wonder how and why nobody agrees with you? This is me.

I think it’s a wonderful move. I’m really enjoying their super-slow burning break up feud. Really well written (See SmackDown, you can do it!) and played to perfection by both Bayley and Banks. I think it’s the best thing on WWE TV right now and giving them the belts plays in perfectly to that. Especially as Bayley nearly cocked it for them in the match they won, with Banks having to mop up the mess she had no part in creating. But guess who’s gonna take all the glory? It’s Booking 101.

I pick the champs to retain here but it’s merely a plot device in their story and I’m 100% fine with that because sometimes, as blasphemous as it might be to some, championship belts SHOULD be used as plot devices.

United States Championship: Apollo Crews (c) vs Andrade

Ash: Seeing Apollo finally get some time in the spotlight has been one of the highlights of WWE’s lockdown era and this could be a sleeper contender for match of the night. The cracks have started to appear in Zelina Vega’s army and I think that they only get bigger here when Angel Garza somehow costs Andrade, allowing Crews to retain his US crown. 

Lewis: I think Crews will keep the title for now. He only just took it off Andrade and it seems like the plan is to have Andrade go into a feud with Angle Garza which I would love to see. So I think Crews gets the win and a fight breaks out between Andrade and Garza with Zelina Vega in the middle of it.

Steve: Crews is getting a big push, finally having some attention on him and he’s been carrying it great. Crews has so much talent it’s been nice to see some of it let loose, and now he’s had a taste of the title having him chase it would make more sense.

Paul: Honestly, no clue on this one. I like Crews and I like that he’s been spotlighted. My gut feeling, based on a few little on screen quirks, tells me that these two will both be crossing the face/heel divide in the near future. Maybe this match progresses that. I look forward to it. Apollo to retain.

Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus

Ash: A somewhat controversial build to this story has seen WWE play of Hardy’s demons of the past and created a ‘who done it?’ story with Sheamus at the centre of it. I don’t feel like we’re done with this feud yet and I can see Sheamus continuing the mind games with Jeff and picking up a sneaky victory. 

Lewis: I think it’s safe to say Hardy is taking the win here. The storyline leading up to this match has been extremely controversial and I think WWE will want to redeem themselves by giving Hardy a clean decisive win. However, an extra prediction I have for this is the Smackdown Hacker is going to appear and reveal who ran over Elias and framed Hardy. I’m not sure who it’s going to be, but I hope it’s not Rikishi.

Steve: I expect this to kick off the show and be the usual strong man vs stunt man. Hardy needs his pound of flesh.

Paul: Jeff Hardy to win after jumping off something and landing on Sheamus Rocksteady.