Pete Dunne Wants To Join Matt Riddle In Fight Pit, Names Ideal Opponents

Pete Dunne
photo: WWE

The events of this week’s edition of NXT had their former tag team and United Kingdom champion Pete Dunne clamouring for a particular match.

Seven days prior on last week’s episode, his partner Matt Riddle faced off with Timothy Thatcher inside the first ever Fight Pit, a custom-built style of steel cage.

Dunne had sent Thatcher to defend the tag straps in his place while isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic, only for Matt and Timothy to lose the titles and fall out in the process.

But, the return of Breezango (Fandango and Tyler Breeze) on Wednesday led to Dunne suggesting the Pit should come back soon:

Fandango responded to the tweet with “anytime mate”.

Who else would be up for this tag team cage showdown? And would the often-goofy Breezango duo show off a more rugged side when locked in a cage with Riddle and Dunne?