Pete Dunne: First War Games Was “The Biggest Turning Point Of My Life”

Pete Dunne
photo: WWE

Pete Dunne made his return to NXT recently, joining Pat McAfee’s Kings Of NXT stable.

‘The Bruiserweight’ had been in the UK getting his Visa renewed when the pandemic hit, causing him to get stuck in his homeland.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Inc, he recalls how pleased he was to start getting back to business.

Hearing it would be at Halloween Havoc, I liked the chance to be back. It was building up when I got to do that little bit for NXT UK and got to help backstage there. It helped scratch the itch a bit, but it felt great to be back and focus on something as big as War Games coming up.

Dunne will be involved in his second War Games match after his first in 2018, and this year will once again face The Undisputed Era.

War Games will always hold a special place in his heart, having competed with a broken foot and then making the birth of his daughter.

War Games for me personally is special because two years ago was a huge turning point in my life. Because in that same period I broke my foot and still managed to be involved in the match.

That date was my daughter’s due date. We risked it, and I went anyway [for the match]. I’m on the top of this cage at the end of the show, I come down, and find out [mom] is in labour.

I managed to make it just in time for the birth of my daughter. For me, the biggest turning point of my life will be the War Games match. It means a lot to me.

The Kings Of NXT are led by Pat McAfee, who made an astounding debut against Adam Cole and is now the mouthpiece for the group.

Dunne welcomes the role McAfee plays for the team and how he can get a reaction from the crowd.

He is a very charismatic and an open person to get along with. It’s more about wanting to come out and put out the best show I can and put on the best matches I can. It’s aligning with people like Pat who gets such fantastic reactions.

He obviously really cares about wrestling or he wouldn’t be doing it. To have someone feeling excited to be here and involved. Some people are going to be annoyed by him. Some people are going to love him. It’s always great to be surrounded by people like that. They are always good for wrestling.