Paul Wight Calls Bryan Danielson A “Creepy Little Monster”

Paul Wight makes entrance in suit

It would seem Paul Wight has to watch his back in AEW, as “creepy little monster” Bryan Danielson keeps trying to choke him out backstage!

Whilst Bryan Danielson has long been known as one of the most competent technical wrestlers in the world, it would seem that his intimidating stature in the ring has now spread to when he is backstage.

Speaking on The Rob Brown Show, Paul Wight revealed that whilst he is still impressed by Bryan’s abilities, he gets somewhat bullied by him backstage.

I defy you to find a better in-ring technical wrestler today than Bryan Danielson. And I would never say that in front of him to his face, obviously. Daniel Bryan, Bryan Danielson, I keep calling him by the old name. He gave me my shortest title reign ever I think, when I beat Mark Henry. My title reign was all of like, 10 seconds. So there’s still a lot of heat between Mighty Mouse and I. I’m just letting you know.

I think that Bryan Danielson is a bully. That’s a joke actually, but I think he’s a bully. He has this thing where he’ll come up behind giants and try to choke them out, so I always have to be really nervous in AEW. That creepy little monster is trying to run up behind me and choke me out. It makes my life in AEW a little bit nerve-wracking.

Paul Wight went on to explain how the likes of himself and Mark Henry are the nice guys backstage, but just walking along a corridor past Danielson ends up being intimidating.

Mark Henry and I are very nice people. We’re not bullies. We’re very kind. When you walk by Bryan Danielson, he grits his teeth and his eyes get all crazy and it’s like, you can tell he’s looking to try to dismantle you. And you’re like, ‘look buddy, I just want to get a water from a cooler. I don’t want any trouble.’ Mark Henry and I will sit over there and get dehydrated because we’re scared to go over to the water cooler to get water.

Since their contest at Revolution, Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley have come together under the tutelage of William Regal as the Blackpool Combat Club, and remain undefeated as a team.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.