Watch Paul Heyman’s Crazy Moment Tagging In To WWE SmackDown Dark Match

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman recently decided that he needed to intervene in a dark match involving The Bloodline at WWE SmackDown.

The former ECW owner is currently seen at the side of Universal Champion Roman Reigns, acting as his ‘Special Counsel’. This includes him being at ringside during the Crown Jewel clash against Brock Lesnar, where it was unclear which WWE superstar he threw the belt to, although ‘The Tribal Chief’ was still triumphant.

It would seem that after the 29th October edition of SmackDown went off the air, Heyman felt the need to get more involved in a match where Reigns was teaming with The Usos against The Street Profits and Drew McIntyre, going so far as to jump on the apron and demand the tag.

With the cameras off, Heyman showed true comedy timing as he tripped on the rope as he stepped in to the ring. This allowed Montez Ford to capitalise and get a few shots in, before the advocate scurried from the ring.

Heyman made his way to the commentary table and, whilst the match continued in the ring, Reigns came to his side to check on his manager – although the smirk on his face showed full realisation of what had just happened.

This is not the first time Paul Heyman has decided to step inside the squared circle and get involved in the action, with his last involvement coming in 2013 when he teamed with Ryback inside Hell In A Cell where his charge took on CM Punk.

On that occasion Heyman took a scissor lift to the top of the structure in an attempt to stay away from Punk, although this didn’t stop ‘The Voice Of The Voiceless’ then climbing the cell and hammering Heyman with a kendo stick before hitting the Go To Sleep.

Heyman may have created his own comedic downfall on this occasion, however others have also poked a little friendly fun at the advocate lately including Kayla Braxton dressing as him for Halloween.

With thanks to Infinite Pro Wrestling for the above footage.

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