Paul Heyman Confirms New Long-Term WWE Deal Was Signed In 2021

Paul Heyman

The advocate to the stars, Paul Heyman, has made it public that he signed a new long-term contract with WWE last year.

There has been plenty of discussion about what top-level talents have their contracts close to expiring, with shifts seemingly happening across all the major organisations in the United States.

This was particularly brought to light with the likes of Adam Cole letting their contracts expire with WWE and moving straight over to AEW, and seemingly interest in the likes of Kevin Owens before they confirmed they’d decided to stay put.

It’s now expected that Cody Rhodes has made the move the other way and will be the mystery opponent for Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 38, and there are others making public overtures like MJF stating how much he likes certain WWE backstage staff.

However, with WrestleMania now just around the corner, Paul Heyman will not only be walking in to night two alongside the Universal Champion Roman Reigns, but has confirmed that he’ll be with the company for a lot longer after putting pen to paper on a new long-term deal last year.

Appearing on Sports Media with Richard Deitsch, Paul Heyman confirmed the deal whilst making it clear he likes business of this nature done privately, and also detailing how working for WWE will fit in with his other projects.

It was public knowledge that my contract came up last year and I kept it very close to the vest because I’m not one of these people that, A, want to negotiate in public and B, I’m reading an awful lot lately about who signed and for how long and how much, and I never want that to be me.

This much, I will say, I re-signed with WWE last year. It was a long-term agreement. They created a situation where I would have been a fool not to take them up on their offer. I’m locked in for a while.

This has been the case for a long time for me because I do outside projects because I like to multi-task and I’m very ADD and I can’t concentrate on one thing ever in my life. I have carve-outs to allow me to do other projects, which is also to WWE’s benefit because I’m locked in to WWE as well. I’m always gonna be, ‘that WWE guy is doing this outside project.’

I would never do anything that would betray my deal with WWE because they went out of their way to ensure I was here, I’m happy, I’m locked in, and we’re mutually satisfied with each other’s contributions.

Despite originally being known for being the driving force behind ECW, Paul Heyman has now worked for WWE since 2001 and has been involved in many memorable moments on screen with the likes of Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns and CM Punk, as well as spending long periods as a commentator and also having a creative role backstage.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.