No Way Jose Rumoured To Be Returning After Release

No Way Jose

The huge raft of releases WWE made at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic left a lot of highly-rated wrestlers out of the limelight.

Since then we’ve seen the likes of Drake Maverick and Tino Sabbatelli return after being let go, and there may be another to follow.

Fightful are reporting that WWE are considering rehiring No Way Jose.

Although it is seemingly no way a done deal, it sounds like there was a new name potentially planned.

In asking talent both inside and outside of WWE, we’ve been told that the company had interest in bringing back No Way Jose.

Many on the NXT roster were under the impression that a trademark filing was intended for the former Jose – though we can’t confirm that specifically – the speculation did lead to us learning that WWE was interested in bringing him back.

The 32-year old has been wrestling as “Levy Valenz” on the independent circuit since his release, and was well liked within both the NXT and WWE Raw locker rooms according to those we spoke to.

No Way Jose became popular in NXT and was then moved to Raw the night after WrestleMania 34.

His return would likely be popular, but it is unclear which brand he would be put on with a potentially new character.