Multiple AEW Contracts Reportedly Due To Expire Very Soon

Lio Rush on his AEW debut
Credit: AEW

It would seem from a new report as if multiple AEW contracts, including that of Lio Rush, will be coming to an end over the next few weeks.

Lio Rush has himself confirmed on social media that he will become a free agent on 14th February when his contract with the promotion expires.

Having been a part of the promotion since his debut for the promotion at Double Or Nothing in May 2021 as the joker in the Casino Battle Royale, Rush has made sporadic appearances at first including a period where he retired from the ring due to injury.

He officially signed a contract with AEW in September and went on to regularly appear on Dynamite and Rampage for a few months.

However, it seems his full-time deal with the company will be short lived given his statement of being a free agent. A new report from Fightful Select has shed a little more light on the situation, and also hinted that there may be more of their stars disappearing from our screens.

The report claims that Lio Rush has not been around AEW since December, although an appearance was slated which never materialised. It also says that his contract is “one of many” set to expire over the next couple of months. It was also noted that talent and staff found out about Rush’s departure at the tapings for the 21st January edition of AEW Rampage.

Lio Rush was recently very vocal about Tony Khan in regards to his comments on the release of Big Swole.

At first it appeared Rush demanded an apology from the AEW President, however he later issued a statement saying that he had spoken with Khan where they discussed their “endeavours to further understand the struggles of the black community”, and how proud he was to work for both the promotion and Khan.