Mike Chioda Explains The “Mess” Of WWE Filming During Pandemic Era

Mike Chioda raising the arm of Finn Balor

Former WWE official Mike Chioda has gone on record as saying that some of the filming WWE did during the pandemic was “a mess”, with some matches taking several hours to film.

Mike Chioda’s WWE career started back in 1989, and he went on to become one of the most iconic referees in the industry. His list of top-level matches is extremely long, including being the man in the middle for the likes of Razor Ramon vs. 1-2-3 Kid on Raw, Hulk Hogan vs. The Rock at WrestleMania X8, and The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 28.

Chioda even has a match win on his record, after teaming with The Rock and Chris Jericho during the Invasion to take on The Dudley Boyz and Nick Patrick, with the official getting the victory for his team following a people’s elbow.

As is well documented, the landscape of the wrestling world changed significantly when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, with WWE forced to film events behind closed doors at The Performance Centre.

Speaking on his Monday Mailbag podcast, Mike Chioda has discussed the difficulties of filming during the period, where there would be multiple cuts and it could take several hours to film each contest.

During COVID when I was actually working a little bit, they said tapings at WWE for one match would take like three hours. Cut. Do this. Cut.

Charles Robinson and some of the guys when I met up with them for dinner at WrestleMania, Chad Patton and them guys were telling me it took 2, 3, 4 hours to do one match because they had to cut so many times, splice it, and do this. It was a mess.

Mike Chioda was released by WWE in April 2020, ending an over three-decade run with the organisation.

With thanks to WrestlingNews.Co for the transcription.