Mick Foley Explains Why He Got “Legitimately Angry” With Jon Moxley

Mick Foley Jon Moxley

WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley has discussed his planned feud with current AEW star Jon Moxley in 2012 and explains why it left him furious.

As demonstrated by his infamous ‘Cane Dewey’ promo from ECW or bringing his children to watch him be beaten by The Rock in a brutal I Quit match, the Hardcore Legend is no stranger to things getting personal in regards to what goes on in pro wrestling.

When Foley was asked to build an internet feud with Jon Moxley (then known as Dean Ambrose), he felt it became too personal with references to his family and children. The feud never made it to WWE television, but it had an impact nonetheless.

In an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Foley recalled how Triple H approached him about starting a grassroots online storyline with fast-rising FCW star Dean Ambrose:

“Hunter asked me, he said, ‘hey, you’re on social media, right?’ I said, ‘yeah, yeah.’ At that time I had about 250,000 followers, I am not sure if I was on Facebook yet. He said, ‘we want to do this grassroots thing to get steam solely on the internet at first.’”

Mick Foley went on to explain how the feud took a heavy toll on him mentally when Jon Moxley mentioned his family because he couldn’t get his mind out of the dark place that the storyline required:

“This angle with Moxley, it required me to go to some dark places. The problem was, I couldn’t get out of them. It wasn’t like when I would go cut the Cane Dewey promo in the basement of Paul E’s cameraman while his mom was doing the ironing and my wife and two kids are at a park two blocks away, and I would come out of there fresh as a daisy and I am ready to go.

“When I would get into the storyline, I couldn’t get out. It was like this cloud. I don’t want to be overly dramatic, but it was around me all the time and it was affecting me. Especially when I saw Moxley writing about my children.

“So, I come up to him at a TV taping with Dusty. I asked Dusty if he would come up with me, just so I could talk to him. I said, ‘hey man, whatever you do, please stop mentioning my children.’”

Rather than simmer down his mentions of Foley’s children, Jon Moxley did the exact opposite and turned up the heat on the entire Foley clan in his online tirades:

“He thinks it’s an angle, whereas I am 100% asking him as a father not to mention my children. He reads it is, ’turn the volume up on Foley’s children.’ So the next tweet that comes out is even worse, more foreboding for the future of my family.

“Now I text him and say, ‘hey man, I was not joking,’ and I think okay, now it’s over. The next tweet is even worse. I am blowing a gasket every day, I am cutting more F-bombs in front of the family than they have ever heard in the entirety of their lives. I am so angry at this guy.”

Due to Mick Foley not being cleared to wrestle, the planned match between the two men and storyline was eventually scrapped, which will at least have spared the Foley children from hearing their beloved father from turning the air blue anymore.

h/t Wrestling Inc.