Michael Cole On Commentating With “65% Hearing Loss”

WWE commentator Michael Cole smiling

Veteran WWE commentator Michael Cole has revealed that he suffers from a substantial loss of hearing, but does have a trick which helps to keep him at the announce desk.

Cole joined the company in 1995 and has become an integral part of its live programming. Originally starting off doing voiceover work, he eventually moved through various on-screen roles to become the voice of WWE as he is known today.

Nowadays Michael Cole can be heard on Friday Night SmackDown, where he is joined at the announce desk by former Indianapolis Colt in the NFL, Pat McAfee.

The long-term WWE employee recently appeared on his co-host’s Pat McAfee Show, and when coming back from a commercial break questioned McAfee on what the pair had discussed whilst they were off air, only for him to make a remarkable revelation.

Mike Cole’s deaf, so he can’t hear a f*cking thing we say.

Cole confirmed this to be true, saying that his hearing loss is to a rather major level.

I’ve said three words to him in the three commercial breaks. That is true, I’m actually, like, 65 percent hearing loss.

He went on to explain how despite his hearing loss being so substantial, a special insert in his headset allows him to hear whilst he’s broadcasting for WWE.

They make these special in-ear pieces that go underneath my headsets on-air so I can actually hear.

This fact was commended by Pat McAfee, who had the opinion that the hearing loss was likely caused by the fact Cole had worked with a headset on for so much of his career.

I’m like, man, I appreciate your commitment to the entertainment, because that’s 100 percent because of you having a headset on for 25 years.

Corey Graves has recently discussed one of his worst memories at the announce desk, when he tried to correct Michael Cole on a WrestleMania fact and turned out to be wrong.

With thanks to F4WOnline for the transcription.

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