Mercedes Martinez Explains Why She’s No Longer Part Of Retribution In WWE

Mercedes Martinez

It’s no secret that Mercedes Martinez was a short-lived member of Retribution.

The former SHIMMER Champion was only in the group for a short time after the group’s identities were revealed.

Speaking with Mike Johnson of Pro Wrestling Insider, she has revealed that it just wasn’t the right fit for her and her career.

I was given an opportunity, and I took the opportunity not knowing what the outcome would be, you got to make the best with anything you can, but I think when that opportunity came, it just wasn’t for me.

When you hit the pinnacle of your career, as I did, hitting 20 years, you want to make the most of your career, and make it part of a legacy…I just think being part of that group, it’s not hidden fact that it was me, I don’t hide the fact, I don’t mention it, only because it was just a small part of what the bigger picture is. It’s kind of one of those things where it’s, “this is where Mercedes is, but maybe it doesn’t fit the mold, doesn’t fit her career’.

It was no hard feelings, I just think we both had two different plans, I wanted one thing to go one way, and they had a different outlook. I wish them success, to all those part of the group, and I wish them the best.

Martinez has returned to NXT without the Retribution garb, attacking Io Shirai on her return.

She’s now going to be teaming with Toni Storm in the 2021 Women’s Dusty Classic – and it’s a team we can really get behind!