Meiko Satomura Number One Contender To NXT UK Women’s Championship

Meiko Satomura

A five-way gauntlet match was the showpiece of tonight’s episode of NXT UK, with the winner becoming number one contender to the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

There was controversy before the match even began, with Xia Brookside not cleared to compete in the match after being attacked by Amale last week.

The shocking moment of the match was when her replacement was confirmed as Meiko Satomura.

At this stage Isla Dawn had already eliminated Emilia McKenzie and Dani Luna, but was then taken out of the match by ‘The Final Boss’.

This left Satomura and the final entrant Jinny to go at it, with the Japanese legend getting the fall following a Scorpion King.

Current NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray came to the ring to confront her new opponent, and ended up laying out her opponent with a massive kick.

There is no date set for the match at present, but we know it will happen in the near future.