Matt Hardy Teases Reunion With Brother Jeff

On this day in wrestling history, Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy, The Hardy Boyz won the Ring Of Honor Tag Team Championships

Matt Hardy has shed some light on the possibility of him reforming The Hardy Boyz once his brother’s non-compete clause has expired.

Having been released by WWE on 9th December, speculation has been rife of when Jeff Hardy will show up at another promotion and in particular whether it will be in AEW alongside his brother.

Rumours continued to grow that Jeff Hardy may have been on his way to AEW Dynamite as Tony Khan’s major surprise on 9th February, however this was quashed due to his non-compete clause.

However, whilst Matt Hardy went along with the fact that his brother wouldn’t be joining him in AEW just yet, he fuelled the fire that it is likely to happen at some point.

Speaking on his Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, the multi-time Tag Team Champion commented that “anything is possible” in regards to his brother joining him in AEW.

Jeff’s no-compete clause runs until March 9. As of March 10, he will be free to do whatever. He can negotiate with somebody or work for another big company that has television. Do I think Jeff Hardy could end up coming to AEW and team with Matt Hardy again? As they say in the wrestling business, ‘never say never. Anything is possible.’ We’re definitely going to be working together and we’ll see if the planets align and get the opportunity to become the greatest team in all of space and time once more.

One place it is already confirmed that The Hardy Boyz will reunite is at Big Time Wrestling on 12th March, just two days after Jeff’s non-compete clause expires. Further to this, ‘The Charismatic Enigma’ has already rejected a return to WWE at the Royal Rumble, and recently commented that he would be returning to the ring once his current meet and greet tour ends in early March.