Matt Cardona Wins GCW Championship Prompting Wild Fan Reaction

Matt Cardona

In a year of crazy, surreal happenings, possibly the strangest is Zack ‘Woo woo woo’ Ryder being crowned king of the death matches still stretches the bounds of credibility.

This bizarre occurrence did indeed happen on Saturday night as Matt Cardona faced GCW Champion Nick Gage in a Death Match at GCW Homecoming Night One in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

After the match, Cardona revelled in the incredibly upset reaction from fans in the arena. His win and smarmy post match celebrating seemingly caused a near riot as beer bottles and rubbish rained in on the new champion from all four sides of the ring.

As a professional performer, Cardona will have been utterly delighted with the reaction he garnered.

Cardona is leaning into the outsider performance, even calling the fans the ‘GCW Universe’ in an effort to play on their hatred of all things mainstream and WWE. It is a play right out of the Paul Heyman, mid-90s ECW handbook and it worked a treat.

Matt Cardona now the world’s foremost hardcore wrestler? Woo woo woo. You know it.