Marvel Could Be Starting Own Wrestling Promotion

Marvel Lucha Libre Logo

Disney are going to own everything soon aren’t they?

This week it was announced that Mexican Wrestling promotion AAA would be working in partnership with the Disney owned Marvel at Triplemania 28 (their biggest event of the year).

At said event we will see superhero themed wrestling characters such as Aracno (Spider-Man) will team up with Leyenda Americana (Captain America) against Terror Purpura (Thanos) and Venenoide (Venom).

According to Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer, this has been a partnership in the works for some time now with cross-promotional merchandise set to be released at some point in the future. Originally, TripleMania 28 was scheduled for August 22nd but got delayed due to the pandemic.

The people portraying these characters have not been revealed but they have been described as “well-known talent” leaving it open to speculation. More Marvel-themed characters are also expected to debut down the line.

Meltzer also mentioned that if the partnership goes well, Marvel is considering getting more involved to the extent of debuting their own promotion.

Disney getting involved directly in the wrestling business? Now that would put the cat amongst the pigeons.