Mark Jindrak On Being “Blatantly Buried” By Triple H

Triple H sitting at desk

Former WWE Superstar Mark Jindrak has claimed that Triple H “buried” him during a documentary which discussed how he was not included in the Evolution faction.

Mark Jindrak joined WWE as part of WCW being bought out by the organsation in the spring of 2001, originally appearing as a member of The Alliance before heading to developmental territories such as HWA and OVW.

Eventually joining the main WWE roster two years later, Mark Jindrak formed a team with Garrison Cade although things could have turned out very differently given the fact he was filmed in original introduction packages for Evolution alongside Triple H, Ric Flair and Randy Orton.

The role ended up going to Batista, with the group being discussed in an episode of Ruthless Aggression on the WWE Network where Triple H said that Jindrak was dropped as there was a feeling he lacked maturity.

In a conversation with Rene Dupre on Cafe de Rene, Mark Jindrak admitted that whilst ‘The Game’ may have been right he felt buried by the comments.

He was kind of spot on. It’s funny how blatant he was. He blatantly buried me. Some of the things were false. I’ll tell you what was true, was me and [Randy] Orton were f*cking, as he called [us], jackoffs. We were jackoffs, and Rene will tell you… me and Orton would travel together and sometimes guys would make the mistake [of traveling with us].

It would seem that part of the issue came from the fact that in car rides with Ric Flair he wanted to talk about factors outside of wrestling, whilst ‘The Game’ was all business.

The problem was Triple H wanted to talk about f*cking hot tags and sh*t. A three-hour ride, you want to talk about armbars and hot tags and sh*t for three hours? I understood it, he wanted to talk X’s and O’s, but Flair wanted to talk about young stuff like girls and clubs.

There were very different outcomes for the spot. Bastista won his first World Championship at WrestleMania 21, whilst Mark Jindrak was released by WWE just three months after ‘The Animal’ won the gold.

With thanks to Sportskeeda for the transcription.