Major NXT Star Makes Raw Debut…And Gets Completely Buried

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Credit: WWE

Amidst all the shocks and surprises we have been served by WWE this weekend as the return to live touring, some of the most anticipated aspects have been finding out which NXT superstars would be moved to the main roster.

On the July 19th Raw WWE handed NXT Champion Karrion Kross his Raw debut. Whilst we try to steer clear of hyberbole on this site there really is only way to look at this debut…

He was made to look like a complete and utter jobber.

Famed for his atmospheric entrance on the yellow and gold brand, he entered the arena on Raw with nothing more than generic music and strobe lighting. Most noticeable though was the absence of Scarlett. Kross’ real life girlfriend has been a key part of the act since their debut on NXT and it is a true double act. Without Scarlett, Kross simply does not have the same presence.

Once in the ring, Kross found himself facing off with Jeff Hardy…and was beaten by him via rollup in less than two minutes!

Obviously Hardy is one of the most decorated superstars on the roster but he is long past his best and has been presented as such in recent years by the company. Losing this match in such comprehensive fashion made the centrepiece of NXT look like a total afterthought.

Let’s remember: He has not lost a single match since his NXT debut in May 2020.

The presentation and positioning of Kross was so bad in fact that it almost feels like it might be the start of a deliberate story. When he took part in a recent dark match before Raw, he was presented in a similar fashion. Most assumed this would not be the case on TV but seemingly, it is.

As always, it is worth waiting to see how this plays out but it’s fair to say that this was about the most underwhelming main roster start possible for one of NXT’s most exciting prospects.