Madcap Moss Gave Vince McMahon Apology After Elimination Chamber

Madcap Moss gives a thumbs up in a WWE ring.

Madcap Moss seemingly gave an apology to Vince McMahon and others backstage at Elimination Chamber following a brutal landing which left many concerned for the WWE superstar.

With Baron Corbin trying to press all Drew McIntyre’s buttons ahead of what many see as the two facing off as a match at WrestleMania, ‘The Celtic Warrior’ faced Corbin’s accomplice Madcap Moss at Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia.

During the contest, McIntyre looked to hit an inverted Alabama Slam on Moss, however rather than flipping through and landing how many would expect, he ended up dropping on to his head and neck in what looked to be a gruesome scene.

After Jessika Carr, who was the official for the match, quickly checked on Moss, he was pulled to the outside by Baron Corbin to allow a bit of time to both assess how he was fully and recuperate from the landing. Whilst many expected him to take a very reasonable time out at this point, Moss was quickly back in the ring and seemingly completed the contest as planned.

Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp reported shortly after the match that Madcap Moss had “seemed fine” as he made his way through the curtain to the backstage area.

Fightful Select has now provided a further update on what happened in the immediate aftermath of both the apparent injury and when the contest finished. Apparently neither wrestler received an adverse reaction to what happened, especially as Drew McIntyre is highly commended “for being a safe worker”.

In addition to this, the report claims that Madcap Moss went to Vince McMahon, Drew McIntyre and the agents involved in the match to apologise for what happened, and to confirm to them that he was fine from the incident.

The report also says that there was initial concern following the bump as would be expected, however once it was clear Moss was fine and would be able to continue they called for replays of the move to be shown.