‘Macho Man’ Steals The Show At NFL Draft In Cleveland

Randy Savage
Photo Credit: WWE

This weekend, Cleveland, Ohio plays host to the most important part of the NFL off-season – The Draft.

For those not familiar with the inner workings of American Football, this weekend sees the 32 NFL teams pick the best new players emerging from the US college system with the teams finishing the previous season with the worst record getting top pick.

The draft began on Thursday with the Khan family owned Jacksonville Jaguars (The sister organisation of All Elite Wrestling) using the first pick of the draft to select their new quarterback, Trevor Lawrence.

Whilst the Jaguars dominated day one, it was arguable that day two was dominated not by an NFL team or a player, but by ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage!

With the picks in the second round taking place on Friday being, by their very nature, lower profile, more focus is placed on the diehard fans who attend the draft from all over the USA.

The most high profile this year came from the host city as a fan decked out in a Cleveland Browns themed Randy Savage outfit took to the stage to the delight of the crowd in attendance and the broadcasters covering the event.

Even his brother ‘Leaping’ Lanny Poffo got a mention on the NFL telecast.

Whether or not you are a fan of gridiron, we’re sure you can dig it!