Logan Paul: ‘Wrestling Isn’t Fake & I’ll Get Revenge On Kevin Owens’

Kevin Owens & Logan Paul
Credit: WWE

Logan Paul became one of the hot topics of conversation for WWE WrestleMania weekend, being at ringside for the Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn encounter.

After Owens’ win, Paul entered the ring to celebrate – and was the recipient of a stunner for his overexuberance.

On his recent Impaulsive podcast, Paul, discussed the experience and his realisation that wrestling isn’t fake (like we need telling) given everything the competitors put their bodies through.

So I had people come up to me in the airport, or anywhere, ‘Yo, you sold the s**t out of that Stunner, wow!’, and I’m like, ‘Sold?’. Like I actually got f**ked up. You know, it’s real, it’s real. That was one of the things I realised about the WWE – these motherf**kers go so hard, are literally beating the s**t out of their bodies, throwing themselves distances no man should ever travel aerially. I’ve never seen anything like it. And even the one rapper that made a comment, the whole ‘oh it’s fake’ narrative has died. Because people realise that no it’s not.

At the moment, everyone is under the impression that it is a short-term deal for WrestleMania that brought Paul to the company.

However, in the podcast Paul commented that he’s ready to “get revenge” on Kevin Owens for giving him the Stunner.

As soon as I did it the ref came over, she’s like, ‘Are you okay?!’, I’m like, ‘(holds his ribs in pain) Yeah, yeah I’m fine’. Because it did, it looked real and I committed myself to it, and hopefully one day I’ll get my revenge on you Kevin Owens.

It seems as if bringing Logan Paul to WWE has worked for bringing eyes to the product, and if he enjoyed himself as much as it sounds like then further collaboration could only be positive all round.

With thanks to WrestleTalk for the transcription.