Kurt Angle On Who “The Best Overall Entertainer In Wrestling History” Is

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle has named a WWE Hall Of Famer as the greatest overall entertainer he’s seen in professional wrestling.

On the most recent edition of The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic gold medallist gave praise to ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, and in particular singled out the 30-minute Iron Man Match he had on an episode of Monday Night Raw in 2005.

Angle discussed how he ended up wrestling ‘The Show Stopper’ at WrestleMania 21, and that he engineered a move from SmackDown to Raw in order to get the feud going.

He went on to call Michaels “the best overall entertainer in wrestling history”.

He is not stiff, you don’t even feel it. He barely touches you, that’s what makes him such a pro. I don’t know if he’s ever stiffed anybody, Shawn is that good. He’s able to gage shots, punches, kicks. His athleticism in the ring, he’s unbelievable. He does things that nobody else can do and he’s the jack of all trades. Across the board, he’s the best overall entertainer in the history of wrestling. Ric Flair is up there, Eddie Guerrero, and Chris Jericho too, especially late in his career the way he’s going. Shawn is probably in a class of his own.

This isn’t the first time Angle has spoken fondly of both Michaels and their match at ‘The Showcase Of The Immortals’, also commenting that it was the biggest payday of his wrestling career. In contrast, Angle recently discussed how he almost joined UFC, but was underwhelmed with the suggested first opponent.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.