5 Key Moments From WWE Raw (October 18, 2021)

Belair attacks Flair with a chair
Credit: WWE

The go-home episode of WWE Raw before the Crown Jewel PPV on Thursday took place at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California.

Jeff Hardy fell again to Austin Theory, Big E and McIntyre got on the same page against Roode and Ziggler, and Mansoor took out Cedric Alexander. Plus all of this:

King of the Ring semi-final action

Xavier Woods went against Jinder Mahal in the opening match of Raw this week, in a match to see who would go on to the final of the King of the Ring tournament.

Towards the end of the match Xavier managed to avoid the Khalass from Mahal but got hit with a huge Side Slam instead. Woods got back to his feet and managed to Superkick Jinder before taking care of Shanky who was on the apron trying to interfere.

He then climbed to the top rope and launched himself at Mahal, who countered with a the Khalass to get a close pinfall but Xavier got to the ropes to break the count.

After a scuffle Woods knocked the Modern Day Maharaja to the mat and went up top again, walked on the rope and hit the Flying Elbow on Jinder to get the pin and book his place in the final at Crown Jewel.

RKBro vs. Street Profits

WWE Raw Tag Team Champions Randy Orton and Riddle had a non-title match against Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins, The Street Profits. Orton had just hit Ford with the Draping DDT on the ropes and had set him up for the RKO when out came Omos.

Randy was distracted and when he turned around he was met with A.J. Styles and his Flying Forearm. RKBro technically won the match by disqualification, then after the bell Styles and Omos took out both teams and Orton received a huge kick from Omos for good measure.

Doudrop took one step closer to the crown

Shayna Baszler vs. Doudrop took place on WWE Raw to see who would be headed to the Queen’s Crown Tournament final at Crown Jewel. Before the match got started Zelina Vega came out to the throne to see who she would be facing in Saudi Arabia.

The end of the match came about when Baszler locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Doudrop, but when the referee checked on her she managed to roll back on Shayna and got the pin and the win, meaning it’ll be either Vega or Doudrop that wears the crown.

Finn forged forward to the final

Finn Balor went one-on-one against the massive MACE in semi-final action. Earlier in the night Xavier Woods earned his place in the final and he decided to make his presence known as he sat on the throne and watch the match.

MACE used his size and power throughout the match, knocking Balor to the mat multiple times. Finn hit MACE with the Double Stomp but the big man got straight back up.

After more back and forth Balor knocked MACE down which left him open for the Coup de Grace. Three seconds later and Balor vs. Woods was set for the King of the Ring final in Saudi Arabia.

After the match Finn and Xavier almost came to blows on the stage but Kofi Kingston came out to keep them from going at each other. Until Thursday, anyway.

Flair vs. Belair ended with a chair

Before she goes to SmackDown, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair put the title on the line against Bianca Belair. Charlotte become more and more frustrated as the match went on as she couldn’t keep Bianca down for the three count.

Belair kicked out of a roll-up, then kicked out after a huge Powerbomb from the champ, then kicked out once more after being hit with a Moonsault.

More counters and close falls for both wrestlers followed and Flair finally had enough and hit the EST with a chair and got herself disqualified, meaning she retained the title.

After the match Bianca got her own back and knocked Flair out of the ring with the chair as Raw went off the air.