Kevin Owens Discusses Scrapped Plans To Go Back To NXT

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens, the former WWE Universal Champion, claims that everything was in place for a long-term return to NXT before Vince McMahon suddenly changed his mind.

Owens joined WWE as part of the NXT brand in 2014 and instantly set his sights on gold. The Canadian superstar did so when he won the NXT Championship at NXT TakeOver: Rival, just two months after making his debut, by defeating longtime friend and rival Sami Zayn.

Kevin Owens made his mark on the main WWE roster thanks to his debut during John Cena’s United States Championship Open Challenge, and he was soon a full-time member of the Raw roster. Owens’ tenure in WWE has been fruitful, with reigns as WWE Universal, United States, and Intercontinental Champion, but the star was set to return to the black and gold brand in 2019.

Kevin Owens did compete in a War Games encounter with Team Ciampa in November of that year, but a longer run was initially planned, as he recounted to talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy:

“Before I did the War Games return, there were concrete plans for me to go back to NXT for an extended period before coming back to the main roster. At the time Paul Heyman was in charge on RAW and those were just plans we had and Vince [McMahon] had signed off on all of them and, eventually, he changed his mind and nothing happened.”

“That’s all it comes down to – what he says goes. It wasn’t something I had just floated about, it was a plan that was going to happen and they just went in a different direction.”

Kevin Owens has been the subject of a lot of conjecture recently when it was revealed that his WWE contract is set to expire early next year.

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