Kevin Nash On Modern Wrestling: ‘The Women Have Better Psychology Than The Men Do

Kevin Nash

The always outspoken had some harsh words for modern wrestlers this week on ‘The Hashtag Show’.

Well, the males ones anyway!

Discussing the psychology of a modern wrestling match, the former Big Daddy Cool said:

“Nobody sells sh*t. To me, it’s just like nobody sells anything. To us, it was always to sell and get the double downs and the falses.”

With the majority of his career spent in the 1990s, Nash famously battled some of the greatest in ring talents of all time such as Bret Hart & Shawn Michaels. He clearly believes his generation was superior to those that came before and those that followed. He said:

“Now with guys kicking out on one on moon-saults…..I also don’t want to be the guy – I remember guys that were our agents when we broke in saying ‘Kid, we used to do 60 minutes through’ and you watch 60 minutes through and they’re in a headlock for 48 minutes of it.

He also had a withering assessment of the current crop of male wrestling stars whilst also acknowledging that standing still is not an option:

“Everything evolves. I think sometimes the women have better psychology than the guys do.”

What do you think? Does the former NWO member have a point? Or is her too harsh on today’s changing style?