Kenny Omega Claims His Career Was Saved By Rob Van Dam

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega has heaped praised on a WWE Hall Of Famer, who he credits for saving his career “more times than he can count” thanks to the style of wrestling he used to use.

In a recent interview with Sportskeeda, ECW legend Rob Van Dam was asked was asked to select his male wrestler of the year. At that point he picked someone who he saw as “one of a kind” like himself, in the form of former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega.

Dude, I think Kenny Omega is just that ‘One of a Kind’ wrestler & that’s why he is my Male Wrestler of the year for #SKWrestlingAwards.

This is one of a seemingly never-ending list of accolades for ‘The Cleaner’, with him picking up plenty of accolades coming out of 2021 including recognition from various sources for match, wrestler and feud of the year.

‘The Best Bout Machine’ took note of the compliment from ‘Mr Monday Night’, and revealed that he credits both Van Dam and Jean-Claude Van Damme for saving his career on multiple occasions.

One of the freakiest athletes to ever do it. JCVD and RVD were the two sole reasons I worked on my flexibility as a teen. Helped in hockey and probably saved my career in wrestling more times than I can count! Thanks, legend!

Whilst he picked up plenty of accolades last year, Kenny Omega is yet to get off the mark in 2022 as he is still out of action whilst he recovers from several injuries. Omega has been quoted as saying that he was a little optimistic on the timescale for his return, and his original plan to be back in the ring by April is likely to be a little off the mark.

It seems as if Rob Van Dam could have been making a major TV appearance sooner than Kenny Omega this year, as he has commented that he was on standby to appear at the Royal Rumble.