Kenny Omega Captures AEW World Championship In Huge AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming Main Event

Kenny Omega

After 277 days, Jon Moxley has been unseated as AEW World Champion after falling to defeat against new champion Kenny Omega on AEW Dynamite: Winter Is Coming.

In a 29 minute classic, Omega picked up the win, hitting several V-Triggers and a One Winged Angel on Moxley for the win.

The match was far from clean cut though. Towards the end of the bout, Omega feigned serious injury after a suplex on to some ringside heaters.

At that point, Don Callis ran to the ring to check on his friend. Impact Wrestling executive Callis had been on commentary for the match at the (storyline) request of his friend Omega.

Eventually, Moxley tired of the wait and three Omega back in the ring. When he did, he was confronted by Callis before shoving the guest announcer to the floor. As that happened, Callis covertly tossed a microphone to Omega who nailed the champion with it leading to the finishing sequence.

Credit: AEW

After the match, Omega and Callis ran to their car. As they did so, they were confronted by backstage interviewer Alex Marvez who asked them to explain themselves.

Callis said they would reveal all next Tuesday. When corrected by Marvez that Dynamite was on Wednesday next week, Callis very pointedly said no, it would be Tuesday – The night Impact Wrestling broadcasts.

Will we be seeing further cooperation between the two companies? What role does Callis have to play in AEW going forward?

There are plenty of questions left to answer following this incredible episode of AEW Dynamite that saw not only a new champion but also the AEW debut of none other than STING.

One thing is for certain, AEW just got even more interesting now winter arrived.