Kenny Omega Asks For Time On AAA Title Challenge, Andrade Responds

Kenny Omega
Photo Credit: AAA

This past weekend Andrade, now going by the name El Idolo, made his first appearance since leaving WWE.

In a video promo, Idolo challenged Kenny Omega for the AAA Mega Championship.

‘The Cleaner has now responded on social media, asking for time to make a decision on the match because he’s a “busy guy”.

This hasn’t sat well with Idolo, who has taken to social media with his response.

After stating he’s wrestled for 13 years, he went on to somewhat mock Omega for his match with a nine-year-old whilst showing the belts he has won throughout his career.

Linking back to Omega’s run as the current day belt collector, this quick build seems to be going nowhere other than a match between the two at TripleMania.