Kenny Omega Addresses The State Of AEW Women’s Division

Credit: AEW

Kenny Omega, one of the EVP’s of AEW, is known to be heavily invested in the success of the women’s division in the company.

Despite this however, AEW have been criticized for the, at time, lack of attention and screen-time the female stars get as opposed to the men.

This has been addressed in the past by the likes of Cody Rhodes, a fellow EVP, and more notably, his wife Brandi Rhodes. The latter even producing an online subscription service called AEW Heels.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Observer Radio, Omega spoke about the current state of the AEW Women’s Division:

“I’m a very big fan of the old UFC and Pride days when everyone kind of had a different look and represented a different style. Just like in mixed martial arts or boxing or any sort of full-contact sport, styles make fights. So, to have these different body types, to have these different skill sets, I do believe it really just sort of adds to the flavor of the match and really makes every combination of athlete sort of original and it gives you something to look forward to. You can take any two members of our roster and it’s gonna be very different than another two. I’m not saying there’s no other division in the world that’s doing that – I think pretty much every place is pretty much trying to build up their division in the same manner where they want people from all different walks of life, different shapes and sizes, etc. For us, I just feel we need more time in front of the camera. That’s all. I would love to get our girls on TV more, I would love to have our own show…..I absolutely loved the Serena/Rosa match. I loved it. From the get-go, they locked up like two bulls in a china shop and probably the most believable lock-up and hard-hitting match on the entire show. I was so incredibly proud of them, and it was really cool that was a match for the NWA title.”

Omega went on to add:

“So, we’re really trying to encourage bringing anyone from anywhere if you’ve got the talent, and if you’re willing to work hard, that’s the type of division I want to build. Now, with the NWA title being held by one of our athletes and with our own women’s championship, we’ll hopefully see more girls on the episode and hopefully dive more into these characters and get to know these athletes as people and whatever character they’re assuming. Like you said, we were hurt by the pandemic, we were hurt by injuries, and sometimes those are things you can’t even control. But sort of since day one, we’ve sort of had trouble out of the gate, and especially after last week, it’s really feeling positive and we’re taking strides forward. And again, my goal is to absolutely have a goal for the girls, to have events where it’s girls-only events, big-time pay-per-view matches. I would like to get to that stage, and I really do think there’s no limit. It’s just a matter of things falling into place.”

Certainly an interesting take on the situation from someone firmly on the inside. Omega himself takes on Champion Jon Moxley for the AEW World Title next Wednesday on the 2nd of December.

Credit to Wrestling Observer Newsletter and to 411Mania for the transcription.