Kanji Wins Historic PROGRESS Main Event

Photo Credit: PROGRESS Wrestling/The Head Drop

Now they’re back in action, the PROGRESS Wrestling shows are coming thick and fast to the WWE Network.

This week’s instalment, Chapter 105: Bring The Thunder, saw the first-ever Women’s ThunderBastard elimination match.

Kanji was able to win out over the other six women, finally elimination Mercedes Blaze and earning herself a shot at the PROGRESS Women’s Championship.

Also at Chapter 105, Luke Jacobs of the Young Guns was crowned the Natural Progression Series winner.

He defeated his own tag partner Ethan Allen in the semi finals, and was then able to beat Warren Banks in the final.

Full results from Chapter 105 are:

  • Natural Progression Series Semi-Final: Warren Banks defeated Danny Black.
  • Natural Progression Series Semi-Final: Luke Jacobs defeated Ethan Allen.
  • Lykos Gym (Kid Lykos & Kid Lykos II) defeated The Big Money Gun Dogs (Gene Munny & Big Guns Joe).
  • Elijah defeated Chuck Mambo.
  • Natural Progression Series Final: Luke Jacobs defeated Warren Banks.
  • PROGRESS World Championship: Cara Noir defeated Chris Ridgeway to retain the title.
  • Women’s ThunderBastard: Kanji defeated Mercedez Blaze, Millie McKenzie, Lana Austin, Alexxis Falcon, Taonga, Kanji, & Gisele Shaw.